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Worlds smallest TinyCLR OS board?


Electron power test

10 ma flipping LED’s
0.06 ma have a nap*

*Super accurate industry certified DMM :joy:


Man, what am I going to burn all of that excess battery power on? :slight_smile:


Justin Thanks for the VSIX file. I used it and VS2017 loaded a console app. However I could not load the properties.

So here is the solution if anyone else has this issue:

  1. Go to the VS2017 community download
  2. Download then select Modify when prompted
  3. Select .net Desktop Developement

Thanks again working great!


its a shit load of fun.

Qoute of the day!


In stoopid way with humor sarcasm when something goes wrong sometime to me and i loose and burn any dev. board i say : i was schfuckerleapits this pieces of things.


My test-setup is a bit larger :). But it works fine as a G30 (but it’s more a G29 or something). I didn’t know that it is that easy to hand-solder a QFN-package, way easier than a QFP :). It’s basicly a G30 in a smaller package and it doesn’t have a SD-interface :(.



I think more people would be pleasantly surprised about how easy some of these small packages are actually to solder.

Missing PC pins does cause issues if you want SD, so you will have to get creative and use a monster SPI flash or similar :nerd:


Do you have load caps on your 2 xtals or not?

Will be interesting to see how it functions will no decoupling caps etc, unless i am missing them in the image :slight_smile:


On my breadboard-projects I have never used load-caps for the xtals :smiling_imp::scream:. I hadn’t any problems so far, but I don’t know how accurate they work without the caps :grimacing:. In PCB designs I use those caps of course :slight_smile:. I’m no professional, but I think the mostly crap-quality-breadboards have more impact on the overall “design” that some missing caps :smile:.
I also had just 4.7uF 0603 SMD-caps, that aren’t that nice to stick into a breadboard, so I had to solder some leads onto it (next to the 10k-resistor on the right) :smile:.


I definitely want one of those little boards you made Justin


Your embedded toolbox would be nude without one :joy:


Only large items in my embedded toolkit.


Well give us an update on your trip. Are you still up in China, or have you headed back to paradise?
Do you have one meeelion chips in your travel bag?


Yeah i am back with Bird flu :grin:

I was a rather manic 3 day trip to say the least!

We spent the first day in Hangzhou at NeoDen with a tour over the 5 floors at their new(ish) factory and got to see the full production process of NeoDen3,4 and the super secret NeoDen5 :wink: Then got down to talking business…

One interesting building(s) we saw on the way to NeoDen was the brand spanking new Head office for Alibaba which was massive and shiny, seems it’s where they process AliPay payments - there must be ALOT of money flowing thru there…

Next was down to Ningbo for the main reason for the trip to visit a factory where they make injection molding machines where get got to see the birth of a fully electric machine that my father is purchasing. Lots for food, booze etc while we did business - gotta love the Chinese method of wheeling and dealing :joy:

So not really a shopping trip in the normal sense of small electronic toys, but a shopping trip none the less for big boys toys :slight_smile:


when do they (all the big boy toys) arrive and get unboxed/setup? Or are they already commissioned?

Bird Flu huh. Man Bird or not? :smile: :joy:


Well what the hll is that?


Man flu combined with Bird flu is a nasty mix!

Depends on shipping via bird or boat - boat is looking more likely due to cost at this stage.



Well that looks splashy. Is that a coffee bean grinder on the right? The blue screen must keep the splash down to keep the baristra’s shirt looking neat.

amiright? :smile:


100% :joy: