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Worlds smallest TinyCLR OS board?



I think you need to put it next to a pencil or in your hand to show how small it really is.




Wow that is smaller that I thought!! Love it.



I would totally buy that for $40 USD.


$40 would get you 2.675585284280936 Electrons :joy:


cheaper than bitcoin
and etherum




Where can we found this tiny board ?


First 7 in the US, Canada, Europe and Oz.

A few more here :grin:

And once the secret Seven have got theirs and had a play then they will be up for grabs online.


No, no, no, change the thread Title to World’s “Tiniest” TinyCLR OS board.


Nice looking board as always!


So where do I send the $29.900000000000005083000000000001?


Johnny me old boy, your math is inaccurate, i expect more from a smart lad like you.

We all know that when calculating Electron costs you need to allow for the negative effects of competing Positrons so really the proper calculation is 5.468089245796926^2

I might…have a few spares so if you and @MNO are still listening to U2 and still havent found what your looking for send me a message…


Thats truly impressive, whats the specs? Especially interesting is the ability of the beauty to run on small batteries…? (Never thought I should refer to the size of batteries used in my projects :wink: )


Its running a G40

You can power it from 3.5 - 6v so a single cell lipo, 4 NiHM’s etc

I’m not one to judge you on the size of your batteries :joy:


You mean G30?


Nope, definitely a G40

My bad, G44 :blush:


You eat too many kiwis man!