Worlds smallest TinyCLR OS board?

Electron has a 100MHz STM so => G80 == 180MHZ => 100MHz == G44 init? :joy:

100MHz STM32F411CEU6
512kb Flash
128kb Ram


Next to a G80…

@Justin, it runs TinyCLR right? Seriously how do I get. I’m thinking dash button replacements

NETMF4.3 / NETMF4.4 / TINYCLR OS / MicroPython

I already said how to get one…

First lot done for those that raised their hands for freebies :slight_smile:


interesting time of reply - by my calcs, it’s 11pm? Dedication !!


What a great looking pile of chips.

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@Brett Indeed you are correct, addiction doesn’t care about sleep :smile:


But how many times have we all told you, you really really need your beauty sleep ! I guess you still live in hope, right?


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I’ll throw a little BTC, ETH or LTC your way for one…

@csailor You across the ditch?

Yep… The big ditch! Indiana, USA

Lol, must be thinking of some other ferel cousin :smile:

Pretty sure we aren’t cousins… I looked at your website but didn’t see anywhere to place an order :astonished:

The Todo list is long… :frowning:

At first sight I thought, you got it running on an ATtiny, until I realized, that it is a regulator :man_facepalming:t2::joy:
I did nearly look for an ATtiny that has enough flash :sweat_smile:

When you find one let me know :joy:

now everybody that will got this can say “Hey guys i have an electron in my pocket” :joy:

im fallen il love with that electron now :kissing_heart:

Just got my new crack from @Justin today!! Now what can I build…


Hi Justin, how are u? I think you are using the same core with wifimcu ( so, we can use the same firmware to drive wifimcu. now, I am waiting for network implementation in tinyclr. thanks to you, now we have esp8266 alternative running tinyclr… are you willing to share your firmware here?