Visual Studio Code option

What are your thoughts on Visual Studio Code? Why should someone consider VSC over using Visual Studio Community edition?

We have this on the todo list for TinyCLR but not sure of how important this is vs adding more core features instead.

VSC runs on the Mac?


no plan to switch from Visual Studio to Visual Studio Code

it run also on Raspberry Pi and Linux too :slight_smile:

Only use VS Code if you have to.

I would see such so far down the list of things to do, that hardly visible.
Yeah, we have no plans to switch to VS Code…no need to.!

All those years of needing to go the linux, c, c++, eclipse, j-tag, .rtms for this and that.are gladly shed.
Exhausted by the time the tool chain is built and one has discovered all the caveats of debugging.
Coming up-to speed on such is no small challenge and being treated like a red-headed-step-child for not being a linux geek, gives me the attitude of “pay-back is a bitch.!”

Now, linux, mac folks need to traverse the windows and VS worlds…bust some chops.
Not that windows or VS is hard in comparison…just like hearing the whiny squeal from those folks that now have to step outside their comfort zone.!

Linux and VS Code are fit for one another…!!!
I did not know tinyCLR could run on an Rpi…so, that’s cool.

I second what @Mr_John_Smith said; “Only use VS Code if you have to.”


From a commercial standpoint dependence on Windows for embedded development is pretty much expected. However, if you want to move TinyCLR into education then doing development through VSC on a Mac or RPi would pretty much be a requirement.
Being a little bit selfish, I would like to see more time spent on TinyCLR and leave VSC support for later.
With Apple’s move to ARM processors, I wonder what effect that will have on running Windows virtually on a MAC and especially heavy applications like Visual Studio.


I don’t see why not having cross platform development but is there a real need for it. Android Studio has been cross platform since it started out but the user base is way more the TinyCLR or NETMF. The interface is standard across platforms too. Only minor filename conventions trip up the unwary. I can switch from using the Linux Android Studio to the Windows version with nothing more than a git push and pull of the project. I do prefer to code direct in Linux as the OS is far more efficient than Windows. I also have the OS development on the same machine.

I think that generic classes (List, Collection, Dictionary…) should have priority.


I would rather you made more drivers for devices, and more how-to documentation with real examples.

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I would not waste any of your resources on Visual Studio Code. It is so far down on the list of priorities, that it should fall off the list completely. Please focus on TinyCLR stability and core features instead.

Visual Studio Code typically requires so much configuration to get a functional workflow going, that just choosing and using Visual Studio Community is a no-brainer.

If you’re worried about the education market, keep in mind that the vast majority of educational institutions have plenty of Windows-based equipment available for students and instructors. Linux and Mac OS are still outliers, even in the education market. In the desktop/laptop arena, Mac OS remains under 9.5% and all Linux-based distros combined remain under 2.5%.

Stick with the Visual Studio full IDE, please.


Vscode can surely not be a priority? The best thing about tinyclr is c# and visual studio. How does an additional ide help us in getting usb client hid mouse to work?

that’s part called VSIX plugins for VSCODE … :smiley: “which include deployment/debugg”

Here is an idea that came up today. How about a holiday contest to make this happen with a very large prize? like $10,000 :nerd_face:

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I get that if your platform could run of “popular 21st century notepads” you could target a wider audience and your products would be more popular.

But i think better and more complete documentation is the key, how-to’s and other samples, not just GitHub undocumented samples. More drivers for devices, more recommendations, like what LTE device to choose and to have drivers for that. Wifi7Click a good example (it just works, i can spend my time on an app not on writing a driver).

From my perspective, I don’t care, I chose this because of C# because of Visual Studio. My project has a TinyCLR App, .NET Core WebApi App, Winforms App and i can easily add a Xamarin Android or iOS app and share logic and classes on all of them. I will most likely never use VS Code.

Just my opinion on the subject.

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Getting more customers depends on how well timycrl enables your active customers to go to market with solutions. Product is perfectly positioned. Focus on needs of current customers with their use cases, and the customer base will grow. Ghi/Tinyclr has great reach. Good stories and experiences are all that is needed. Dont waste precious time on other stuff. My 2 cents!

We agreed to the multiple posts suggesting we skip on VS code, which is why we thought this can be a community effort with a nice prize.

Which demands would have to be fulfilled to get the price? In which time?

Blink an led and set a breakpoint to step through code. Should we start the contest?

For me it is hard to estimate how much time and skills would be required to get this working. Create an VS-Code extension, manage deployment and debugging, code highlighting and autocomplete, nuget integration and…and. I’m always interested to learn new things, but unless somebody says that it is much easier as it seems and can be done in less than 14 working days I would say… beyond my scope.