TinyCLR wishlist

After starting this thread Visual Studio Code option we started seeing some wishes being made so lets have this thread for your wish list. Please keep in mind that while TinyCLR very user friendly for makers, our main focus is still commercial use.

So, what wishes do you have and please explain how would such feature impact you commercial product.

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No takers? This is your chance to make a wish! I’m guessing we have everything everybody needs on GitHub issues already

I have not started the software in-depth yet for my project. I am sure I will have many wishes. Based on what I know now and previous forum topics:
-PPP over USB
-OTA Firmware update without extended RAM.
-USB Hub
However, none of those are show stoppers for my current project I posted pictures of but would be for one or 2 that are in the works.

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.netMF had limited or no support for:
zip & unzip
full xml and json support

Not sure where tinyCLR is at in regards to these items…?

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As a newbe … I’d be interested in HID.
On one project I would need to use a USB cable to connect the FEZ board to a USB port of a PC (linux / Windows) and mimic the behaviour of a mouse and/or touch screen (mouse click using absolute coordinates) initiated from my code.


.NET Standard support, is it possible?

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USB CDC support for modems with multiple UART interfaces. Right now I am resisting using the TinyCLR modules as I can’t do SMS and DATA at the same time.


As already said, Generic classes. This would make it more easy to port applications from big .NET to TinyCLR.
Perhaps Json serialisation for Dictionary.
I think that a Time Service (NTP) is needed for nearly every IoT applications, so it would be good to have an ‘official’ GHI-Version.

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I add more:

  • RegularExpression with named capturing groups
  • LINQ

but I would like custom attributes the most

There is a library that I have seen before. Do you want to help in testing it?

Yes, of course, give me the library.

Full XML support, including XML Serialization

Regular Expression is a nice feature and very helpful for text-based communication. I use this a lot by netmf applications and for transfer to TinyCLR it would be very helpful.

Just for reference, the default current for USB2.0 is 500mA but for USB3.0 this is 900mA. I’ve also found that by upgrading to a USB3.0 hub, I have far fewer issues with power delivery to things like dev boards.

Writing to secure storage (flash) is costly. The erase takes about a second. It would be nice to have an asynchronous erase call with a callback when done.


RTSP support? I’ve had a company idea for a while that would make heavy use of this. I tried earlier in the year to get approval from my employer to implement this for TinyCLR (as a side project) but that apparently got stuck in red tape and due to conflict with my company I can’t move forward. However, if you were to implement it I and I’m sure others would find many other ways to use TinyClr with IP camera solutions.

A nice addition would be ONVIF Profile S support (RTSP is a pre-requisite).


CI/CD friendly. Currently we are using autoclicker to open visual studio, do a debug then dump the firmware from the target board. This process is fragile and time consuming. It would be nice if we can build the firmware file from visual studio without the target board.