Visual Studio Code option

It is not easy but the prize is $10,000 :flushed:

Further proof that everyone has their price : Which holidays/deadline? :wink: First over the finish line or best solution? Open source or transfer-of-copyright?

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We can discuss all options as a community. The end goal is to benefit everyone. It was determined here that commercial customers do not need it but over all and for education it makes sense to have it.

Suggestion then:

  • Open source (to better support the community nature of this) - Apache2 license to allow both commercial and hobby use
  • Jan 2 deadline
  • Must support: create/open project, edit, compile, deploy, debug of C# TinyCLR projects plus nuget package management (kind of the minimum bar for a successful end-to-end experience)
  • Individuals or teams, but one prize amount for the whole team, which must agree how to share or donate the prize
  • Gus is the judge - prize goes to the most complete solution in his sole opinion
  • Maybe an additional bounty/bonus if it also runs on Mac and RPi (cross-platform bounty)

Discuss. :wink:

All sounds good but…

I shouldn’t be the judge. If three community members managed to blink an LED and step through code then the contest is over and we have a winner. The winner is a person or a group that pre determine how they are sharing the prize.

Running in non windows will be a challenge on its own because of metadata processor that does a few things before sending the executables to the device. Everything else should be cross platform automatically. We can do this as a secondary contest or a bonus.

Last item is we need to make sure we have a way to pay the winner legally and properly especial if they are outside the USA.

Any other ideas?

maybe could be in help for beggining :
mono vscode crossplatform (github) link


Does nano framework work with VS code?

no .net nanofm not work with vscode because it heavy is pendind from wpf.

but vscode on nanofm is used to create/debug at furmware level throught opencd/elf

For 10K hum… Best to form a team of 5 and work on that.

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