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Righto - after some soul searching and deep thought I have decided to start an after-hours project to properly build an Agent killing C# wearable.

Like the Pantene shampoo ad used to say - “It won’t happen overnight - but it will happen” - this is mainly due to client expectations and wanting their stuff first… :yum:

I will document the journey from start to finish with pretty pictures and video and was thinking along the lines below, but if you care and want some input into the process speak up.

The list:

  • VS2019 C# or if your a dirty old man VB :rofl:
  • 1.3in Round or Square 240x240 full clour display with capacitive touch
  • BLE / WiFi
  • External SPI flash
  • Haptic feedback
  • Accel
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Other??

I will also fire up Inventor and create a 3D printed case and if i get real crazy i might pop down to the old mans and CNC mill something out of ally.

Should be worth a giggle and i wont ask for a mill up front :cowboy_hat_face:


Sold. How do we sign up?


The T&C’s clearly state that if you reply here you have drunk the cool aid and are a fully pledged member of the Unicorn Cult :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Righto, the first order of business is to pick a display so i can order samples as connector placement is of course different so we need to choose one and run with it.

Here are the 3 options

1.3in round


  • Looks cool
  • OK size for all the goodies to fit


  • $20 USD in singles
  • 6.4v for series backlight so need a boost circuit

1.3in Square (ish)


  • $10 in singles
  • 3v3 backlight


  • Smallest size so fitting parts a bit harder



  • $10 in singles
  • Biggest size so can fit more junk in the trunk


  • 9.6v for series backlight so need a boost circuit
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Square - because round is for people that want to pretend it’s still a watch with springs and hands and such. And square(ish) is a way more efficient display surface.

Features all seem ok, but the real make or break is battery life. It’s all fun & games til the lights go out, so what’s the battery plan?

Also, inductive charging will give you a leg up on water resistance and user friendliness.

Interactions only via touch screen or will there be buttons? Buttons == more leakage points.


Turn off everything when possible.

Not in v1

Only touch


Square - but I did vote earlier for round, but I now disagree with my earlier assessment as well, just make it square-ish and I am happy

I’m a male and don’t have small wrists, so from my perspective any size works for me. Heck, where’s PipBoy and Skewworks when you need him?

just you give me an idea

  • purchase an ready made (cheap chinesse version and try to disassembly)

it cost complete about 8-9 usd also include heart/blood sensors …

but in this case to use display (to remove from case and separate from attached board) …

Cant compete with that (not that i’m trying to)…
Just a few of the parts i am looking at will already be more the 5x that cost :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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i forget to say you have battery too included :rofl:

You need to be rich to afford buying cheap stuff. I prefer to spend more to get something with good quality. And if you produce something special, pèople will be ready to pay more.


(I’m late to the dance; sigh)

I don’t suppose we’ll get OTA firmware updates?

Yes, but its not really needed in the current plan.

Displays have been ordered…

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While i’m slaving away for clients on a Saturday afternoon i thought i would dust off the 3D printer and start testing some case designs while i work.

Version 1:

Printed in black ABS


Nice - my son has access to a cnc (we/re in Canada) if that helps Justin!


lol - bit too far but thanks for the offer :rofl:
Besides, the old man has a number of toys…
haas VF3 machining center
CNC mills
CNC wire cutter
CNC lathe
CNC spark enroder
etc etc :blush:

Good idea. I have one of the small Chinese CNC mcheins and something like that could work.

When I move I am going to order one of those Pocket CNC machines.

I do like the round, because nobody in their right mind would tackle it…:slight_smile:

Square is well…square.

But agree battery life is the key.

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I’m sure I can get at least 5min of usage at full noise :joy:

As to round… Maybe if we can excite Gus enough he can be convinced to sponsor a poor southern dude to purchase 3000 round displays at a good price :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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