Unicorn.Net - The Mythical Spot Watch™

agree. square is probably beter for efficiency but a round watch is nicer. a square let me think to apple (i don’t like apple) question of taste for sure

If I can get a few commitments I would consider doing both, I would have to talk nice to the display supplier as they said MOQ for round is 3000 pieces :crazy_face:

As I mentioned, a MOQ of 3000 units means we would need a lot more people than those who are hanging out with us here. Can everyone line up their friends and family to get us in the ballpark? :slight_smile:

you just need to find the 2999 others, i will take one for sure


I’ll take 2 also, but wow, thats a lot of faces. Perhaps we could do other stuff with them?

Awesome Smithy, how about we run a competition to find the best use case for one. Starting another thread :slight_smile:

why not tryin’ Kickstarter Found Rise !

Like Meadown did …

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Hi All,

I hope I’m not too late to join the party ?

It seems that it is hip to be square … haven’t I heard that somewhere before …


Hola Piwi - it’s never too late for embedded Rainbows and Unicorns for my northern mates :cowboy_hat_face:

… cool, glad to be part of it.

Sample square displays are inbound - those that wanted round should have spoken sooner :yum:


Displays work :cowboy_hat_face:


now after seeing pizza, I want pizza… and a new watch :slight_smile:


What a strange and lovely breakout board? Did you make it Mister?

No, it was supplied by the LCD manufacturer.

nice question Mr Smith - also my first question when I saw the thing :slight_smile:

@Bret, we really are birds of a feather around here, aren’t we.

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Is that a cap touch in the display? If so, fantastic!!

Hi Gus, I reckon it is …

when @Justin used this one:

the -C- in the product name stands for capacative touch (or N=None, R=Resistive)