Agent watches are finally shipping to everyone

Sorry about the misleading title but hear me out as you may finally get a watch this time!

Maybe you have seen @Justin Ingenuity Micro post talking about making the Unicorn watch!

So this got us thinking, why don’t we all (GHI Electronics + Ingenuity Micro + Community) make that watch? Even better, why don’t we get it to you for FREE!! We were one of the backers and we were cheated like all of you but we still want the .NET C# watch!

  • Ingenuity Micro: Design circuit, write software and 3D design.
  • GHI Electronics: Manufacture the circuits and use one of its chipsets as a core.
  • Community: Help in software design and 3D print cases.

So, who wants a FREE watch that can be codded in .NET C#? Do you understand this is for FREE and you will be nice and will contribute?

Of course, we are not promising anything at this point, but since most of us at staying at home because of coronavirus we thought why not build something amazing!

For those that do not know, there was a Kickstarter for a watch few years ago with over one million dollars in funds. The project … lets say … was not completed!


I can only hope this is not a fever talking, because this is spectacularly generous.

I too was an Agent backer, and even got involved in trying to rescue it, but to no avail. I would love to pitch in and help here too. I don’t know how to macrame watch bands, but maybe I can pitch in on software.

Thanks very much to Gus and Justin for your remarkable support of the community.


Another lonely heart Agent backer here, raises hand, am onboard ! Yes, awesome effort Justin and thanks Gus for pushing him :slight_smile:

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I’m in, sounds like a great indoor plan!!!


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I’m in.

I just started using for making parts. Might be useful to some.

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I was trying to forget Chris Walker and his fabled Agent Watch, thanks for reminding me. Ingenuity Micro and GHI would be a workable and very capable combination for making this happen though.


as mcalsyn says, it is spectacularly generous, but this doesn’t need to be free. having a watch that could be coded in C# woukd be fantastic. the collaboration idea is really cool. I vote for this :hugs:


Looks like this is a welcomed idea. Great! Can you guys help us spread the new to other backers?

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The thought is we have a genuine ask for collaboration, not a way to make money! Plus it would be fun to do while we are staying home from coronavirus.

Money doesn’t mean success. There was over a million dollars in that campaign and it still failed. What we need is your support and help in spreading the word.

My thinking is we keep it simple for Rev A. Simply, a beautiful watch with cap touch display and bluetooth that is coded in C#. Use this as a “lesson learned” and then plan for a paid version. We of course welcome your money by then :slight_smile:

… oh oh and the C# watch application plus the C# mobile app have to be open source!


again , I fully agree. Money is needed but is not the most important thing in life. Ghi has connections with professional, makers, teachers and hobbyist. You promote C#, develop TinyClr, make boards, have a nice and cooperative forum, are listening to idea’s and more. Not sure there are a lot of companies like Ghi.
i would say like Georges Clooney promoting nespresso : GHI, what else ?


Yeah, I’m so in. I was one of the backers of the original Agent watch. It sure left a sour taste for Kickstarter projects.

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I am telling my wife that I was compared to him :sunglasses:


I’m in if I can help in Something (beers ? :crazy_face:)

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I heard that Georges was happy as well :slight_smile:

It was a clever strategy to wait to do this project - now you don’t have to do a Windows Phone driver for it. :crazy_face:


When the Agent watch was conceived, it was essentially a standalone device. Today, with the Apple Watch and other smart watches on the market, interfacing with a smart telephone is essential for a real product.

But, it would be interesting to develop a series of use cases on what a minimalistic standalone “smart” watch would do.

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Yesssssss!!! A great way to get the kids involved! Coding, drawing some awesome dials and so on :blush::blush::blush:
Thank you very much Gus, Justin for this !

(@Gus, that title; OMG, I need to wait for my heart to calm down a bit.)

I’m in. I don’t know what I can contribute; but I’m in!

A very import component.

I think this would be a fantastic community project! There are so many applications that can be done!! I however sadly was not a backer… but would have been had I known about it! A non locked down customizable watch… my mouth is watering!! I am certainly in!!

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