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Translating beginners guide ebook to other languages


You have done the same confusion I have done: download the bootloader from this page:
And put dfu file on board. I think you know how else send me a mail.


Thanks friend.
My mistake was to update bootloader v1.02 to v2.04.
It’s good now :sunglasses:

  1. Link at gives a 404. I think it should point to

  2. Tests on Start Making (simulation and Brainpad):slight_smile:

  • Blink : passed
  • Display fun : passed
  • Playing Musical Notes : passed
  • Using the Buttons : passed
  • Is it Dark Here ? : passed
  • Hearing test : passed
  • Positionnal Servo Motors : passed


Thank’s. Done on french translation !


German translation update:
I finished the MakeCode part (first 42 pages without pictures) today but my 10 year old proof reader have to check it again. I’ll get his feedback in and my translator colleagues will do the rest.


I’m lagging behind. Spanish translation status:only 30% :frowning:
It’s been a very busy week at my job, but I’ve committed myself to finish the translation this weekend. So, no beers - only translation work.
Vamos!!! Que se puede!!!


i’m still far behind (than you) 14 %


The French team is in the lead. 100% done except STEM (Gus is late :rofl:). Just one last reading before delivering.

  1. I propose some small changes in the original text
  1. Test on Go Beyond
  • Hello World
  • Bouncy Ball
  • Christmas Light
  • Call Me
  • See The Light
  • Multitasking

all passed


I can see that I am not alone to make children working ! Shame on us :wink:


The eldest of my grandchildren and my nuns went on vacation. Shame. :wink:


Here is the updated version with the STEM section added. We also added a sentence about using Celsius instead. Russian is done, we win :slight_smile:


I understand why you didn’t want give us STEM section. :wink:


This is cheating :rofl:


not cheating since I make the rules :yum:


We have the French translation and we will post on the website this week. Thanks @MNO and @Bauland


German translation of the Go Beyond part is done as well.


We’ve updated the URLs for the books. The latest versions can be found live on the site at the bottom of the start page.


German Translation completed !
Now a :beer: or :beers:


French BrainPad beginners Guide is finished. How can I help to translate BrainPad Block in Microsoft MakeCode.