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Translating beginners guide ebook to other languages


Cerveau de circuit imprimé? My French is poor.


I do not understand. What do you mean ?


Hi, translators,
I have a proposal for the translation of the titles of the different chapters:
Sometimes the titles are “idiomatic” like “Go beyond”. Where this is the case I would suggest to leave the original english titles at their places and set a translation behind:

Go beyond – Überwinde die Grenzen

What do you think?


It’s a good idea.
GO BEYOND - Pour aller plus loin
GOING BEYOND THE BEYOND - Pour aller encore plus loin !


Beware!!! Beers come AFTER the translation. :joy:


Good idea!!. I’ll g along with it.


Too late now i asquired 5 pack (of 25) with beers.


Mmm!!! Your translation is gonna be very interesting… :joy:


News of the French translation:(Bauland + MNO)
95% completed (without beers for me but with coffees) :sunglasses:


Tomorrow, a last reading and french translation is ready !


We have finished the Russian translation.

We are adding a section explaining what STEM is. No other changes so you guys can simply add this small section please.


Where is this new section ?


We haven’t finished it yet :slight_smile: we will try to get it done tomorrow.


ok and like says Bauland the french translation will be ready :slight_smile:


I don’t have speakers, so I couldnt listen to this video.

But I do know if you say “Rise Up Lights!” in a normal accent, you sound like you are saying “Razor blades” in Australian.


I could probably find someone to do Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Tuvaluan and Raratongan if you need.


Is it possible to connect Brainpad BP2 Rev. A to Make Code ? I can’t do it :frowning_face:
I would like to test books’ examples


Il faut appuyez sur gauche en maintenant appuyé puis appuyer en même temps sur reset. Désolé pour le retard, j’ai eu des soucis de machine à laver (tige de sucette et pince à cheveux qui coinçait la pompe de vidange !!!).

You must press and hold left button while press reset.


See this please


My loader is on v2.0.4.
When I reset it my Brainpad goes into bootloader mode but it is not recognized as a USB device and no window opens.