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Translating beginners guide ebook to other languages


1st step is to sign up with crowdin here


That is already done.
But we didn’t know that Brainpad is now available.


Here is the direct link to the Crowdin French blocks, completed and still missing, in BrainPad. You’ll have to create a CrowdIn account. Then you’ll have to submit to join the translating team. You’ll see the links when you try to click any of their links.

Of note, changing the fr# in the URL to any other language will show the missing translation in other languages on the makecode Brainpad website.

I know we have the German translation of the book on the website. Those interested in working with the BrainPad blocks for example would link here.


@Gus_Issa some people asked when the German translation is available for download


We are still updating the website but here it is, thanks :wink: