Translating beginners guide ebook to other languages

Check this out, the BrainPad beginners guide is complete

We are asking the community to help us in translating the book to other languages. Any Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese…etc. speakers out there?

Here it is in doc format



I vote for @Brett to translate it into Strayain :joy:


I got most of them but ACDC?!

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Accadacca ! Rock On !

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Hi Gus. First of all, congratulations for the Guide!!

I volunteer to translate it to spanish. Yo me ofrezco para traducirlo al español. Please let me know how to proceed.

By the way, the book’s link under GLOBAL THINKING points to wich gives a 404. I think it should point to

Best regards. Juan Carlos Plaza


Sounds great! We will fix the link, thanks for pointing things out. So far we have Russian, Arabic and French volunteers. Spanish would be great. You can use the docs to start and then we can talk directly to arrange getting it onto the website. There is a new page added to the brainpad website for this. Just let me know how I can help you please.


Hi, just signed up :slight_smile: I’d volunteer to translate to German. Question: what about the images (mainly screen shots. I’d recommend to translate them, too.


That’s a good question ! I think some images or term must not be translate as “Go beyond” or “Brainpad” … As website contains these terms and people can be lost if they can’t recognize term of guide. It can be useful to list all terms that must remain intact in translate document.
Other terms (I think of image of brainpad with concept: Input > Process > Output) should be translate to help understanding.
What others are thinking about that ?

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Yeah, of course, Brainpad is not to be translated (maybe once as a sidenote to create an understanding) - I am mostly thinking about the dialogs, menus and so on in the screenshots - I think they should be translated

[on a side note: I had to change my user name, as I had a typo in it]

I would participate to translate in German too. It would be nice to share the work between the participating translators. I would suggest to translate the text first and then decide how to deal with the pictures.



Excellent! I’ll start right now.


Please point out what images need to be translated. Maybe we can replace the images with generic ones?

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to translate.

Would love to see a German translation :nerd_face:

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Hi Gus, I try to give a small and very quick (and probably not complete) summary:
p. 3 - should be Eingabe > Verarbeitung > Ausgabe (though most Germans should understand the original text Input > Process > Output).
Since the MakeCode environment is English only there is nothing to interpret there.
on p. 12ff. there are multiple dialog boxes from Edge / Chrome / Windows - I think these screenshots should be re-done with localised software. Same goes for the screenshots of Visual Studio later.
For the thermometer example it would probably be better to have °Celsius for non-American kids :wink:


Found the posting on Facebook
Another german translator here :slight_smile:

I’ll also suggest to translate the text first and than the images.

If there are to much german translators maybe I can write some additional tutorials in german


I think it should be Celsius for everyone :slight_smile:

About the images, if there is a way you think we can make a single image we can use then let us all use the same one. But in cases where it is simply not an option then we would have to update the images. In some cases it maybe best to simply use the English word and explain what it means.


Multiple translators can share a google doc to translate possibly. We can then take it and clean up, to make the PDF and post on the website. We simply want to help so just let us know how.

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Great, perhaps we wait for one more day for translators to to join us. Then I would suggest to devide the text in parts for each translator. Now there are three translators, 4 or 5 would be great (I’m lazy).


Well it is mainly the image on p3 - I consider we can keep the text in English (maybe add a sentence to the floating text with a translation). What really needs to be redone are the screenshots of the browser/OS/Visual Studio dialogs.
As we are now three people here for translations, we should split up the work. I would volunteer to do the screenshots with localised software versions.

I would rather not put too many people on the translation. It’s very difficult to keep a certain level of consistency when too many translators are involved. The guidebook can be roughly divided in two main parts (Start Making and Go Beyond) - perhaps we could make a split there. And then there are the screenshots of dialogs (which I think are essential to have these localised for the target group) - So three people, three tasks :slight_smile: what do you think?

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