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Translating beginners guide ebook to other languages


That would be O.K. for me if I can take the Go Beyond part.
I now suggest to communicate by email. I’ send a private message with my email address to you and Roman2.



The German translation team has started :slight_smile:


Is it race between your team and the French team?


Yes, it is a race:

  • if French Team wins, I will drink beer to celebrate that,
  • if other Team wins, I will drink beer to consolate me ! :wink:


After you’re done translating if you highlight all the images you think need translating like the Input>Process>Output into the translated language, and can’t be replaced with generic images, let us know and we can make them.


Those that would like to help with translating the actual blocks in Microsoft MakeCode can contribute here. But help finish our book first… :wink:


Do you need help?


but in case if stay equail what than.


Certainly, must I put one for you in the fridge ?


Two beers without alcohol :rofl:


OK boss :wink:


We will share beers with others teams !


Cooooool put more ice to keep cold beers :slight_smile:


News of the French translation (Bauland + MNO):
Pages 3 and 4 are on track. I made proposals to Bauland. I’m waiting for him to finish his beer. :joy:


The translations are going on this new page


Spanish translation status: 25% completed (and 2 beers)!!

I’m planning to earn 2 more beers tomorrow :wink:

Bonus track: I’m learning BrainPad (it’s really fun!!!)


Have you talked to :santa:? Maybe he has a BrainPad for you.


News of the French translation:(Bauland + MNO)
25% completed (without beers but with coffees) :rofl:


News from the german/austrian team: We made some progress as well. Already made a plan how to come to an agreement which person will take which part.


Albanian translation 1% (because most translation parts was beers from pack of 25 translated 20 and going to sleep)