TinyCLR 2.0 for G400

Are you going to make a TinyCLR 2.0 firmware version for the G400? I need the networking and USB host features that are not included in TinyCLR 1.0.

G400 uses old ARM9 that won’t be around for long. We have marked G400 is mature and recommend SITCore as a replacement. I think you will be pleased with all the upgrades.

If you want to use G400 then netmf is what you need.

Thanks Gus. I am planning to move to SITCore, but distributors don’t have them yet. Can I get samples from GHI?

There is a form in the announcement, near the bottom, to request early access. Please fill it out.

I couldn’t find the form can you please send a link? Thank you.

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but Gus, I can’t see any “early access” or anything like that form or link?
mmmm, now I can. right near the bottom there’s a request link. Perhaps the forum software doesn’t like rendering it always… Direct link for the requestor: https://forms.gle/RQyRhUyCzvV8oKp17