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NETMF to TinyCLROS - Writing to Flash


I am just beginning to port our embedded devices to TinyCLR OS on G120 from using .NETMF
We store and read a few bits on the onboard flash using Configuration.WriteEntry and Configuration.ReadEntry.
I can’t find any way of doing the same with TinyCLR OS, nor can I find any answers here saying its possible or not.
Can it still be done? Otherwise TinyCLR OS will be worthless for us, since we must have a few switches to set depending on our customers configurations.
We don’t have any other storage solution connected to the device such as an SD card reader or such. We really need that small writable on board flash, and need a way to use it from TinyOS CLR.


maybe this help you


We don’t have anything for configuration or generic flash storage for TinyCLR today, but it is on our list to do.