SC20260, Internal Flash and TinyCLR 2.1 (rc1)

We’ve been using G120 for many years now, and encountered a problem upgrading to TinyCLR 1.0 from Netmf. There were no longer any built in support for configuration data or working with the internal flash and the chip.
I covered this on this post:

The workaround that I got offered actually worked nice.

So now SC20260: I am evaluating this chip for us to (hopefully) start using it instead of G120 in our products and everything seems to works fine. That is, except storing to internal flash.
Is there any new way to work with the internal flash? Is it possible to map up TinyFileSystem to work with a file stored directly on the internal flash? (Anything from a couple of bytes to a few kilobytes would be helpful). As of now we are just storing about 10 bits, setting different settings for the system depending on customer configurations.

If possible it would also be nice to be able to store usage logs that we can look at in case of a machine failure for us to follow up.
That scenario would of course mean constant writing to the flash. Would that be possible to do with the internal flash?

Since this is a prototype, maybe I better ask the engineers to solder an SD chip on the PCB instead?

I have no doubt you will love the new modules

And you can map tiny file system to external fish

Oh! I had missed that one!

Thank you. Will be looking right into it!

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