Expanding to Arduino and other platforms

Sooner or later you will find a good use of a $10 mainboard :wink:

You should see the libraries we provide before you judge it. We have a video coming showing It. Very simple.

Originally, I thought the DL40 module would be a good platform for handling time dependent functionality for a MF board. But, I never was able to get the motivation to learn it.

The Medusa, for me, provides a great platform for handling time dependent functions. Arduino is something I already know.

As Gus mentioned, we have spent a lot of time working on the implementation of the libraries in the framework. Most of this time was spent discussing and implementing code so programmers from both the Arduino world and the NETMF world be able to pick it up and roll with it without having to learn too much.

What we have come up with, in our opinion, is a set of libraries that make it nearly as easy to rapidly prototype hardware using the Arduino IDE as it is through NETMF.

Well I couldn’t help myself but I gotta say FEZ Medusa (Mini) looks great but charging 25$ for shipping outside US is outrageous especially for a FEZ Medusa Mini which you could probably fit 10 in a standard envelope and ship for 5-10$.

Indeed. It’s something that stops me from backing the project. Even the smallest 10$ (+25) offer will result in guarateed affair with customs, and in the end a 10$ Medusa will cost me ~50$. But, for some reason, GHI does not ship in envelopes. Or do they now? :wink:

We rather do that instead of using a cheap method and your package get lost in the mail or take long weeks to get to you.

Not to worry, distributors will have it in stock in your country in near future we hope.

May I suggest you leave that up to the customer, and open up for much more flexible and cheaper shipping options.

We changed the price to not include tracking information and lowered the shipping costs on KickStarter.

Folks do you have plans to develop something similar to Netduino Go Shield Base?

1 More question, do you have more information about Lynx, what IDE to develop etc?

Can you tell is why shield?

To go actually opposite way to use arduino compatible shields

But if you have an arduino then use medusa shield and the shield you want. So you can still do that but I will forward this to our team for review.

Basically the idea is similar to Netduino Go, they developed the board which is .net arduino you can stack on it arduino shields bit it all control via hub such as Fez Cerberus

May be this off topic, did anybody try to intercommunicate between for example cerberus and cerbuino?

A few questions about the Medusa Shield…

[ol]How much will it be?
Will drivers for the Gyro module be included in the library?
Will the library be compatible with the Maple IDE? for boards like https://www.olimex.com/Products/Duino/STM32/OLIMEXINO-STM32/ [/ol]

Also, why not just build an Arduino board with .NET headers and your library?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. No price but you can estimate it by looking at the rewards.
  2. Everything will be included but it is all open source and changing code from C# to C is very easy.
  3. It is all pure C code. Any device should work with no or some modifications. We just tested DUE and mega and they worked fine.
  4. We built 2 of them. I am guessing you have not seen or kickstarter campaign. Take a look please.

The forum has a bug we are fixing causing the link to now show. copy past this to see the kickstarter campaign please.

I am still looking with anticipation to see if the Lynx is also going to make it to the rewards. That is the one I was interested in. I would also have liked to see a reward bundle that is just the Medusa S12i. Another question… If I sponsor several Medusa Mini’s, can I combine shipping costs?