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Expanding to Arduino and other platforms

Typical arduino users do not use JTAG. Instead, they use serial to send messages to debug. This is how embedded developers debugged their code for long years. Especially that the micro is so small and you projects will typically be simpler. For example, if you are reading dirt moisture in your plant and then displaying that on the character display, do you really need debugging? Your code is about 10 lines of code :slight_smile:

We see arduino and NETMF very different but they complement each other very nicely.

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This is a really nice addition to Gadgeteer family. I am sure this become very popular one.

I have a suggestion to make these kits available in Indian market.

GHI sales team may want to work with or to make it available in India.

I have most of the motherboards from GHI, but the shipping charges and waiting time really not working for guys in India.

So did I in the early years but as someone pointed out before, once you JTAG, you don’t go back. :slight_smile:

Just for information anyway, I assume the boards do have an ISP port on them? It would then allow me and anyone else who would JTAG to be able to use it in this fashion.

And hopefully the higher volume module sales results in lower per module price.


And hopefully the more reach the Gadgeteer platform has, the more community & “commercial” (that line blurs sometimes) modules.

And the fact that you will use the same modules over and over will automatically save you from buying new ones.

@ everyone please help us spread the word. We need our help. Blog, tweet, tell your friends about FEZ Medusa and FEZ Lynx.

Do I understand correctly that FEZ Lynx is not part of the Kickstarter offering? Does that mean the Lynx will be released sooner than when the Kickstarter rewards will be shipped?

Lynx is a stretch goal of the KickStarter campaign

Which begs the question … what if the stretch goal isn’t met?

But its not included on the rewrds scheme? I’m not sure how kikstarter stretch goals work. Does your comment mean it may be added later? I wish there was a reward only the S12 and the Lynx as those two are the ones I find most appealing

The KS post explicitly talks about stretch goals. The first stretch point is $10k funding when additional Fez Lynx reward options will be added. Then, how you mix and match your funding can change.

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Thanks Brett. Its much clearer now.

@ mhectorgato - I don’t think that way, of course we are going to meet the stretch goal! :slight_smile:

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yeah I agree - it’s only $10k and it says “arduino” in it, there’d be no reason for the masses not to jump on board !

We just have to keep spreading the word!

Have you guys considered posting a link to the Kickstarter in the Arduino Forum in the Other Hardware section? Seems like it might be a good place to drum up interest…

@ FireyFate - We have talked about it but we felt like we would be cheating by doing that. We would rather have someone who uses the Arduino forum on a regular basis do a posting like that after reading about FEZ Medusa.

We have crossed the $5000 mark in couple days. Do you know what this means? We need to plan for the Lynx production. Looks like we will reach $10000 in few days.

Forgot to say thank you to everyone backing us on this amazing project.

PLEASE help us spread the word, twitter, blogs, forums and anywhere you like :slight_smile:

Remember at $30K we will probably offer a 32bit medusa, like the arduino DUE.