Did wifi go away?

I don’t see a wifi chip on the DIMM slot pictures, on the schematic, or in the feature list. Having the wifi chip on the dimm slot module would actually be problematic for me due to CE certification issues. Can’t put a shield that contains all the signals around the module if you need some of them. So, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?

What happened to wifi, and do we still have access to the atwinc1500 module library inside tinyclr 2.0? I need an actual module, not an unsecured wifi serial bridge.

DIMM module does not come with WiFi module but you can add WINC1500 to any of the SITCore modules/boards/chipsets, including the DIMM.

The WINC1500 modules are already certified.

I would also like to add that this is a SECURE WiFi connection. This is not like every other AT-command-option you see on the market. Those are not secure. Even though your wifi connection secure in the air, the SPI/UART bus is not. We handle TLS and security all internally inside SITCore. The WINC1500 is simply sending and receiving encrypted packets, not more. All data sent on SPI/UART is encrypted data.

Please see this How Secure is Your IoT Device? – GHI Electronics

Thanks Gus! When can I buy this stuff?

Please see “availability” at the bottom of the announcement The All-New GHI Electronics 2020

GHI recommended me to use the ATWINC1510-MR210PB1954 module for WiFi.