Xbee issues

So after signing my life away my shiny new Cerbuino and Xbees have arrived :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to get any joy out of the xbee socket (com1 i assume) but if i wire it up to com3 on the headers it’s all happy.

Now since i have only just got it i have installed the do not use drivers :slight_smile: as i dont want to wait…

Any clues?


Firmware version?

DO NOT USE - GHI NETMF v4.2 and .NET Gadgeteer Package Beta (6-15-2012)

SoftwareVersion.BuildDate: Jun 14 2012

What does the firmware version say if you use MFDeploy under Plug-in->Debug->Show Device Info?

HAL build info:, Copyright Oberon microsystems, Inc.
OEM Product codes (vendor, model, SKU): 255, 0, 65535
Serial Numbers (module, system):
Solution Build Info:, Copyright (C) GHI Electronics, LLC
default, id=1


What is the model of the XBee Module that you have? Before we released the firmware we tested the Digi XBee Pro on COM1 and it was working. We will re verify if it is indeed working.

Hi Aron,

It’s an XBee Pro S1 - http://uk.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Digi-International/XBP24-AWI-001/?qs=YPg7lQ8MWSeFMayvJbouvzUb9K21BOuiCgW2dxH8az4%3D

@ Aron - I know your all busy boys but have you had time to look at the com1 issue?


Hi Justin,

I am looking into it right now. I will be able to get back to you shortly.

@ Justin - can you connect pin 2 with 3 in the XBee socket and do a loopback test on COM1 using SerialPort class ?

@ Gralin - Will do when i get into the office but in my simple test before it was only sending “A” every second (or in my case not sending at all).

I will also put a meter on the pins to make sure it is getting juice to the socket.

After a few more tests there is defo something wrong with Com1 xbee socket.

Loop back test on Com1 doesn’t work but ok on Com3.

Wiring up the xbee to Com3 works fine but not to Com1 and it’s not a juice supply issue.

(and yes i am trying to shamelessly get my points up be cutting and pasting the above on the other xbee thread :slight_smile: )

Hi Justin,

We have discovered an error in the firmware and COM1 will work with the next release to be released soon.

Thanks Aron,

Nice to know i’m not being a total numpty like usual :slight_smile:

Numpty? Had to look that one up… Urban Dictionary: Numpty

@ ransomhall - I will bring southern hemisphere culture and whizdom to the northern masses…

ie - the Com1 issue is obviously cruft in the clack valve…

My Cerbuino has COM1 working so i guess this bug is in the newest available firmware?

Yes Gralin,

The bug managed to find its way to the beta that was pulled. Thank you to all who accidentally brought this to our attention. :slight_smile: Rest assured the bug is squashed. lol :slight_smile:

To confirm, I’ve got an S1 Xbee working in Cerbuino’s COM1 socket in the latest SDK & firmware, talking happily to another S1 Xbee in Xbee module connected to Spider, purely through GHI’s own drivers.

@ RorschachUK - lubbly jubbly