Xamarin 4

Now that Xamarin 4 has been released, does anyone know when Microsoft is going to finally buy these people and give visual studio support to individual developers?

Isn’t Xaramin for free to the same conditions as VS Community Edition?
May be I’m wrong, but I think I heard that.

@ andre.m - True, but you should read the fine print as well (at the end of the page):

  • Apps must meet size restrictions(128k of compiled C# or F# code), include only managed code (not Objective-C/Swift, Java, or C/C++ libraries), and use Xamarin.iOS/Xamarin.Android, not Xamarin.Forms.

@ andre.m - Yep :slight_smile: I use VS Community for all Gadgeteer related stuff.


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What does that mean, exactly?

If I want to develop and sell a commercial app, in visual studio, without the size restrictions, I believe I still need to have a business license ($1000 per year, or $800 per year with MSDN discount)

Is there way around this? Currently you cant do this with a $300/yr indie developer license (no visual studio support #@ %$%) or Starter Edition license (code size limitation, among other crippling limitations)

I had a full business license for a year, but didnt finish my app, and couldnt justify another year of business license, and I couldnt even continue with an indie license because of no visual studio support (which makes me mad every time I think about it)

Basically they held me hostage for another $800 shakedown to complete my project.

I just want Microsoft to buy them already… I think they would be more likely to support full visual studio integration for less than $1000/yr

Nah, I don’t think MS will buy them. Now that we’ve got .NET Core, though, Xamarin can become much less important…

Actually Xaramin and MS work closely together in regards of .NET core and MONO.
Also, if MS buys Xaramin, they also have to buy Jetbrains (ReSharper), …
As far as I know MS usually supports third party utilities and their independence.

I think that’s excellent news. Finally I’ll get Xamarin full with my VS Ultimate sub, instead of having to pay for it :slight_smile:


Ditto. The extra licensing cost has kept me from doing anything other than a couple Hello World apps with their libraries/tools.

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Personally, I’d rather pay for Xamarin separate than have to pay for VS Ultimate (although I agree it should be included in Ultimate). I’ve never found a good enough reason to justify the outrageous leap in price from Pro to Ultimate. I’d be really interested to see numbers of people that have Ultimate and actually use its extra features vs those that only use features available in Pro. My bet is its so low that they could probably just roll everything into a single Pro edition and maybe jack up the price a couple hundred dollars and still come out about even. Yet, the dev community would be much happier with access to their new found toys and no more reason to gripe about Ultimate :slight_smile:

BTW, I have VS Ultimate as part of my Bizspark program. The only tools I use in addition to what is included in the Pro version are those that R# gives me.


This is a game changer for me!

Does anyone have a link as to schedules?

How soon before I can create a new xamarin forms project in vs ultimate, and have it not say “you need a business license or higher” ?

Beyond the obvious good news of the acquisition this is my favorite line of the article: “de Icaza applied to Microsoft to work on Internet Explorer, but was rejected due to lack of a formal degree required for a H-1B visa.”

EDIT: I guess I should clarify since it could be taken wrong. I am of the general opinion that a formal degree is not an indicator of career success, capability or qualification.


As someone who holds a BA in Music and Theatre, I agree wholeheartedly. :slight_smile:


Hush with your meritocracy propoganda!

Just kidding. I don’t have a degree either.

But my career has oscillated wildly from $150/hr in the late 90’s with Microsoft/Intel in California (when my rent was $600/mo), to a tray of pavlova and a can of marmite every 6 months here in NZ, when my rent is $2500/mo., There are times when a degree would have helped.


Also, I found this, to answer my own question:

“We are looking forward to providing more information about our plans in the near future - starting at the Microsoft //Build conference coming up in a few weeks, followed by Xamarin Evolve in late April.” - Scott Guthrie

Hmm, from comments, it seems like there is still uncertainty if Xamarin will be included in MSDN licenses.
Maybe I got my hopes up too early.

I hope they hurry up. My two-platform biz renewal is due in three weeks and now I don’t know whether to renew, or just wait. Thats a cool 2k of outlay. I suspect that they will have to carry subscriptions forward into some kind of ms benefit.

I hope they integreate the Indie Version in Visual Studio Professional.

At the moment you can only use the starter or business Version in Visual Studio.


I wonder what this means for “Xamarin Studio”, also. Will they support that, or will be all Visual Studio now?

@ mtylerjr

I think they need it in the future for Mac and Linux. Or they implement the Xamarin Studio in Visual Studio Code…


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