Xamarin 4

Actually, it is worse than that. You can only use Business or Enterprise Xamarin subscriptions with VS. That’s at least $999 per platform, or about two grand for iOS and Android.

See: [url]Pricing and Purchasing Options | Visual Studio

I need to renew by March 12, so hopefully they will either give me an extension, or roll it into some kind of MSDN/VS credit, because I can’t just ‘do without’ until they figure out the pricing/credits/

@ mtylerjr - I don’t have any inside info, but I suspect Xamarin studio is “dead app, walking”. It makes no sense on PC’s if Xamarin gets added to a VS tier. And although it makes some sense on Mac’s from a user’s perspective, I still wouldn’t be surprised to see it go away in favor of a Mac flavor of VS or the online ‘Code’ app.

All just speculation on my part. For me, over the last couple years, my Mac has just been an XCode compile server for Xamarin.