World meet mBuino!

Once upon a time we dreamed of something shiny and blinky to hang from our keychain. However being the nerds that we are we wanted something that could also be programmed with exposed IOs for our next big idea. And that’s how the idea for mBuino got started.

But wait, what’s mBuino? mBuino is a keychain sized programmable circuit board that hosts an ARM® Cortex™ 50Mhz microcontroller with a pinout allowing you access to common busses such as SPI, UART, I2C, Analog, PWM and USB.

Programming the mBuino is very easy as there is no software to install, you only need access to a modern web browser thanks to the mbed platform and tools, read more at mbed HDK - Handbook | Mbed .

mBuino is currently on Kickstarter, please visit Kickstarter for specific details or to show your support for the mBuino and its platform. Once the Kickstarter compaign has been funded and come to a close, we will be offering mBuino for sale on

But wait, what’s OutrageousCircuits was created by some of the engineers at GHI Electronics to share their passion for electronics by creating cheap, fun and outrageous circuits. GHI Electronics has graciously allowed these products to be built and orders to be fulfilled through the GHI production and distribution center.

Just in case you are curious as to what the mbed community has to say about mBuino, please read

Outrageous Circuits:


I’m tempted to get one of these, especially at that price. Shame the shipping will cost me more that the board, but it’s understandable.

link is wrong should be

I don’t know what to think about this, so many smoke these day’s at GHI at the point where i have to decide to go for production yes or no… products are removed without notice… and new products appear on key peoples account…


Without hearing from MS, there certainly is uncertainty. Hopefully they (MS) start to open the channels of communication soon.

These “Outrageous” offerings are way to do something different outside of the GHI/NetMF umbrella. To me, it’s akin to the Medusa products - while they were Gadgeteer hardware, it was something different from their core offerings.

This gives them the opportunity to do interesting & fun side projects without the expectations that come with a GHI product (a different level of support, lifespan, etc).

At least that’s my take on things.

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yes ofc, and i understand nda’s are involved but at this this moment it’s difficult to make decisions as a customer.

[edit] and for me it’s now a 0 series 100pcs G120 custom boards and production is 500 or 1000 each batch but changes like this i have to put a brake on all until everything is clear again. And the problem is i NEED like 50 boards in the next weeks…

No, it can’t.

@ David - you should pick up the phone and talk to GHI for a custom low volume offer.

Like Rajesh said, just give us a call :slight_smile:

OK, we are going to make it! So far there are 163 backers (I think that is more than any of the previous GHI Campaigns) and $1931 in pledges.

And, when GHI does a campaign, they ship on the day they say they will ship. We will almost certainly have them in our pockets in August.

Congratulations you guys.

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And now we need to decide on stretch goals! We are (should be) funded in 2 days, we have 28 to go still :slight_smile:

I am thinking out loud.

I recommend, as always, stretch goals should not add more stuff that eats into your profit. You don’t need to give more stuff away. I think stretch goals should be to enhance the ecosystem of the product. In this case, maybe stretch goals would be a commitments to offer companion parts on Outrageous Circuits related to mBuino or just commit a few hours more to tutorials.

With the current initiative to reduce SKUs, a lot of add-on boards or enclosures doesn’t seem to make sense. You don’t want to create more inventory parts.

Tutorials can be nice. How do I connect an LED Strip module or an LED7R module to an mBuino? How about an N18? These could just be docs and a video.

A bunch of shields don’t make sense to me for the reasons of simplicity, but a prototyping shield might be good.

Is it simple to create a shield that has one (or a few) Gadgeteer sockets on it? The shield doesn’t do anything except facilitate connection to other hardware. Don’t give it away, but commit to making it available. Of course, the community can build it as well, but GHI could provide a Jumpstart.

Just thinking out loud.

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What about boards with coin battery holder in place?

What about (either on the board or an add-on) boards with BLE?

What about boards with JST & regs for LiPo?

OK, there it is - the goal has been met!

I’d like to see a stretch goal that says “Reach $5000: We’ll take the show on the road to the Nashville Mini Maker Faire”! :wink:

Otherwise, I agree with Bob. One thing you might add would be 3D models for enclosures that can be printed. However, I suspect it will only be minutes after release that a community member will fill this void.

We didnt add a stretch goal yet but we did add a couple of more rewards including one with a battery holder (battery not included). :slight_smile:

I have no idea what I am going to use them for but I got the Family pack. They are just to cool to pass up. Looking forward to what GHI and the community does with it.

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That is a good idea. I am going to get me more.

Just to confirm, because it is probably the only display i dont have, that is a N18 you are using in the video correct? Please excuse my ignorance but would it also work with the TE35 and T43?

@ andre.m Thanks for the info. Looks like I will have to buy the N18 if I pick one of these up. Gives me a good excuse to get one.