Wiring FEZ Touch on FEZ Domino

I would like to connect my FEZ Touch with my Domino board.

I have ssen it is possible on your Fez Touch brochure :

So I would like to make the wire !

I look for Fez Touch Schematics but I don’t find it. So I tried to take the sample code located in :
http://code.tinyclr.com/project/277/fez-touch-lcd-component/ and look for used pins on panda to retrieve their location on the 40 pin connector.

So I took the prototype method :

public LCDConfiguration(FEZ_Pin.Digital reset, FEZ_Pin.Digital chipSelect, FEZ_Pin.Digital RS, FEZ_Pin.Digital backLight, FEZ_Pin.Digital[] dataPins, FEZ_Pin.Digital writePin, FEZ_Pin.Digital readPin)

and the call of this method :

FEZ_Components.FEZTouch.LCDConfiguration lcdConfig = new FEZ_Components.FEZTouch.LCDConfiguration(
                new FEZ_Pin.Digital[8] { FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di51, FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di50, FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di49, FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di48, FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di47, FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di46, FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di45, FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di44 },

So i look for the FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di28 on the Panda 2, and I found that is the pin ADC0 which is not present on the connector !!! So I really don’t understand.

Could you help me ?

You do not have to connect the display to the exact same pins. You can use any pins form FEZ Domino except for the I2C pins (Di2 and Di3 IIRC). Then change your LCD config code to match how you have it connected.

Ok thank you but I’m don’t understand why the configuration of the LCD in the sample given on the Panda 2 use FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di28 for reset.

Could you explain me which pin on the 40 pin header is corresponding to Di28 to help me understand ?

See this image please. http://www.ghielectronics.com/images/catalog/256-4_large.jpg
D28 is by the hole.

Panda has a lot more IOs than domino :slight_smile:

Ok !!!
Thank you. If I have well understand, the Di28 refer to the IO60 Pin on the schematics, but in the code we just use Di28.

I’m not familiarized with your board yet, but I will !

On the FEZ touch brochure I saw 20 pins (except alims) used to drive the screen. Are they all used ? Because, if I use all 20 pins, there is no more pin free on my domino :frowning:

You can use the pins on UEXT connector.

ok thank you very much for your quick answers.

I want to see some pictures when you have it working :slight_smile:

No problems,
I begin the wire tomorrow.

I’m wiring the board, and found a little problem.
I need 19 pins considering I don’t wire the BUSY pin because the drive don’t use it.
On my Domino board, i have only 18 pins considering I can’t use SDA and SCL pins due to the fact that its open drain.

So it miss me one pin and I would like to prevent add another connector on the UExt one.

So I would like to know if it is possible to use open drain to drive the backlight pin ?

Is it possible to provide the FEZ Touch Schematics ?

If you’re good with soldering, you could also solder a very fine wire to the Domino’s processor on the leg of an un-routed pin (since these are usable, just not broken out). I’d only suggest you do this if you are extremely confident in your ability to solder to a 0.2mm wide pin that has other pins 0.2mm away from it. You’d need some 32awg wire or so.

I though to this possibility, but it is not very reliable.

But if the backlight is just a couple of leds it is possible with an open drain pin but i woulk like to be sure of that is just some leds.

You can use the pins on SD card too.

The I2C pins may work fine, try to use them on RD/WR pins

Ok thank you for your answers I will try it ASAP.

Ok I’m progressing !!

The wire is finished now I start the developpment.

I’ve got a new Issue.
I use the analog pins as I/O and I’ve got an Exception when The software call the method :

lcdRS = new OutputPort(lcdConfig.RS, true);


lcdConfig.RS = (Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.AnalogIn.An2;

I can’t use analog pin as output ? If I can’t could you tell me how I can wire the screen with a domino board ?

Because that is wrong!

lcdConfig.RS = (Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital.An2;

hum … Why ???
Sorry but I don’t see :-[

Digital not Analog

Ok thank you I havn’t seen that Analogic pin were both in digital and Analog !!!

thank you ! ;D

Great It’s work !!!

I take photographie tomorow and I will post it !