Wiring FEZ Touch on FEZ Domino

Great :clap:

Here are the photgraphies of my board

an other

and again

What about a picture of the bottom side of your shield? I want to see all the crazy wiring!

+1 for the wiring picture. Also, can you post the pinout?

Or better code and pinout on code.tinyclr.com

Ok I will try to make the pinout cleaner than on my paper !!!

Firstly there is the wire :

A lot of wires but still neat job.

I’m also curious what’s left for available pins. I’m using the Touch for displaying sensor data on a Panda2. Would be nice to be able to do something similar on my Domino, without adding additional hardware for more IOs.

Thank you, but with the quantity of mistakes I have made it become to be a little ugly.

I was forced to use UExt connector to let the I2C free for future use (I2C RTC) and there is no more free pin but it suits !!!
I will make the pinout tomorrow morning

Here is my first article on http://code.tinyclr.com

You can find a little post on my project :

Hope you will enjoy

nice job on the board, love the ribbon cable!