Windows 10: Briefing HoloLens

What is your most exciting news from the event?

HoloLens looks like something out of the world. I want to try it.

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Do you have a good link that shows already what was revealed at the event today?

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Watching it live

Any big news about WinPhone 10.
I need to buy a new phone now, and I don’t want to fall into a “no update for you” hole.

First build available in February

And MediaCenter? Was it a topic? I guess not.

I have started about an hour after it started, so not sure if it was mentioned or not.

  • DX12 uses half the power
  • Huge performance increase
  • Win10 on XBOX One and XBOX One on Win10
  • HPU special unit to do hologram processing
  • HoloLens, HoloLens Studio
  • Surface Hub (84’’ surface on your wall)
    and much more

Cool stuff!


Not a lot of news today about Windows Phone (unless it happened during one of my many bufferings…) but I’m almost certain that any phone you buy today will be upgradable to WinPhone 10. In fact, I expect my 920 will be upgradable, also. They said it will be coming out to Insiders sometime this year. I assume that means they aren’t sending us new phones…

@ Architect - The ability to use Minecraft to “blow up” real-world objects would make this a must-have for my kids. :slight_smile:


I think the addition of speech to text anywhere in the OS is a pretty big deal. I think Windows 10 on phone will be great. The trick is getting it, as a consumer. At least here in the US, the phone update process is utterly broken, thanks to the carrier requirements. While I get that carriers have to be confident they can support new software, it’s way too difficult to get updates these days.

Sadly, I think that particular ship has sailed beyond the sunset. As a Media Center fan, I’m not happy about that either, but I’ve given up on hoping for a Media Center resurgence.

Agreed. I’m still waiting on that big announcement that Windows Home Server is coming back… :frowning:

@ ianlee74 - You and me both. Home Server was a great solution for its time, but sadly too few PC makers got behind it.

I still use WMC myself and will continue using my Win7 machine until I find something better. Biggest issue is finding extenders. Echos are ok for some stuff, but a PC is better.

Home server… yea, but basically a full windows server OS for <$50… .I don’t see that happening again. Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 has been working ok for me so far, in testing.

OneDrive has basically replaced WHS for me. I used to use CrashPlan for double security but now with the larger space available on OneDrive and the promise of unlimited space in the near future, I took the leap and now keep almost 100% of my data either there or in Git repos.

I just don’t trust personal data in the cloud. I use to do work for banks that used very personal information. Nothing was allowed on the cloud and it all had to be kept in house. If a drive went out, it had to be destroyed (completely).

I like to keep all tax information, pictures, and videos local. I still use crash plan for offsite backup as I haven’t found anything that beats the price for unlimited storage, of course anything going up is encrypted on my end though.

I’m already involved in MediaPortal 2 development.
I hope it gets living room ready when Windows 10 hits my HTPC.

For my new phone. I think I’ll get the 930.
The 6" phones are too big for me, and the 830 is not that much cheaper then the 930.
I hope that my boss pays most of it anyways. The remaining money might be taken from over hours :smiley:
Does any body know if a normal sized SIM card can be cut down to a nan SIM, or is this only possible for micro SIM size?

Windows Server Technical Preview (i.e. Windows Server 2015) is on MSDN.

I’m not a Home Server user, so I don’t know if the new Windows Server 2015 fills the same role as Windows “Home” Server.

You don’t need a product key for the technical preview.

Apparently I have 5 keys remaining for WHS 2012 R2. Ive never used it - it looks like it was released last month?

What are the advantages over the more mainstream windows versions?

WHS was officially killed by Microsoft a few years ago. There were several really nice things about it. The best thing to me was the way it would automatically backup all of the computers on your network. No Windows server release since then has matched that feature in terms of ease of use. There were other things like a website it served up for sharing your photos, videos, music, etc. with people outside of your house but those services are much better served by other cloud services these days. It could still be a very good & relevant technology if Microsoft had kept investing in it and integrated it with Azure and home automation.

My bad. It is Windows Server 2012 R2 that shows a release date of last month. not Home Server. The most recent Windows Home Server seems to be WHS 2011

It looks like Microsoft intended/intends “Windows Server Essentials” to be the successor to WHS

They are still putting out releases for that: