Which PWM outs are 'shared' on a cerbuino? i.e. have same frequency

I was reading in this post:

about how the frequency cannot be set independantly for some of the PWM output on the cerberus.
I am using a CerbuinoNet.

It is true for all the PWM outs? i.e. is it just 1 frequency for every PWM out?
Or can I set independant frequency of some? i.e. are they grouped?


If only you quoted more of the article…

That’s the source. Any PWM that shares the timer number (eg pwm0 & 2; pwm4/5/6/7) cannot have an independent frequency.

Ahhhh, ok, I get it now, I was being dumb and didn’t get that that code snippet at first.
Makes sense now. :slight_smile:
Thanks Brett!

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