Which BLE click?

Which click should i choose?

Id like the newest BLE and application to device connectivity not application to OS.

Is there one with ready made driver either from GHI or community?
All i could find is this Bluetooth for SITcore. Which module?, but this is Bluetooth 4.2

have driver ready

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Have you even read my post?

as i read , you trying to find best BLE module that fit to you ,i just tried to tell which already have driver from those …

because from what i read this module have feature you wanted or i am wrong (if yes sorry for that)


The RN4678 from Microchip is a fully certified, Bluetooth version 4.2 module. Use it to add Bluetooth wireless capability to your project.

The module includes an on-board Bluetooth stack, power management subsystem, 2.4 GHz transceiver, and RF power amplifier.

Data transfer is achieved through the Bluetooth link by sending or receiving data through SPP in Bluetooth (BT) Classic mode and through Transparent UART in the BLE mode.

I already referenced that thread and driver in my link above, but its Bluetooth 4.2, SPP mode i don’t want. Ideally i would like BLE 5.

As i understand it SPP requires that you first establish a connection with the OS (Android, Windows), then with your app. BLE 5 can establish directly with the app.

But there are many chip makers and i don’t know which one, i was hoping there is a lib already available for one that’s BLE 5