What modules do you like to see available for gadgeteer?

What modules you would like to see available for .NET Gadgeteer? Made by GHI or by others, lets keep this thread as a wish list of the modules you’d like to see available.

I will start with
GPS (position)
GPRS (3G networking)

If you’re making Gadgeteer related products and would like to partner with GHI, please contact us.

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Simple RF modules along the lines of 315Mhz or 433Mhz with built-in encoder/decoders. Sometimes getting an XBee is overkill if all you need is simple RC capabilities.

Piezo module
Servo motor
Various sensors (temperature,range,etc.)

MP3 Decoder
Input Pad (maybe joystick & a few buttons or even just several buttons)

Proto module

Not bad idea but you can use the extender module and plug that in breadboard. It is amazing how many uses there is for this little extender module, from extending cables to debugging signal and then even to prototype.

  1. How about a multi-button module? Up/down/left/right/select.
  2. Serial LCD

LiPo w/ Charger. I’ll get the Eagle files make up I expect production in a week :wink:

FEZTouch interface (or similar touch screen), WiFi, Ethernet, camera, accelerometer…

This can be done. The community designs a module and GHI produces it for them.

Ethernet module:
Camera module:
Display with touch:
Wifi module:

One of these would be pretty cool (thermal array sensor).

RFID reader would be nice (of varying strengths?)

Audio I/O (standard 3.5mm jack, MIDI, etc)

@ Gus, again I say sweeeeet

Motors are a big deal for my team. A multi-motor stepper controller with 2 to 4 steppers controller by one board will be really handy. Dual H-Bridge for 2 DC motors. I would include current sensing capability and an encoder input for each motor (including steppers). These should be intelligent modules with a command protocol, not raw devices driven by the FEZ. I may be able to get some designs and prototype units done and tested.

A “CAN Bus” module would be nice… since all automobiles are moving away from OBD1 and OBD2 systems;… New automibile alarms are “CAN bus” based, and prob. future ones are going to have Internet, or other means of monitoring; why not make the desing process. “Fast and Easy”. :wink:

+1 for CAN

RS232 module with DB9. Flow control? Not for me but I know others want it :slight_smile:

Will this proto board work for you?

Just got these boards a few days ago!

I made this proto board just for fun and try to make it to meet the Gadgeteer spec.
On the right is the Bot board that used L293NE chip as the controller for the motors.
On this board there are the 24-pin socket that is compatible with FEZ Mini.

I just made these boards for myself for now.


What modules you would like to see available for .NET Gadgeteer?

A battery (LIPO/supercap/etc) board would be nice, especially if it included the bits to recharge via USB or power jack. Being able to chain them would be double-nice.

I love to see a phone line interface DAA possibly with onboard DAC and ADC. Personally, I would like to build a smart answering machine with a caller ID based whitelist “ring through” directing all other calls to VM or not answering them at all.

I could also see this being used for home automation via DTMF decoding and possibly VOIP.