What is the beta tester program? What is USB client support?

We are starting a new “beta testers” program. Some users will have access to a new beta SDK download. The new SDK will almost always have major new features. For example, this coming release will have USB client support.

But who has access to the beta and how do I get it?
Remember how we talked about we love active users? If your forum status is Junior Member (50+ posts) or higher then you will have automatic access to the beta. If you are not then sorry, this is not for beginners :wink:
Should you feel you are not a beginner and you really want an access to the beta then send an email to GHI telling them why your account should be upgraded to junior member.

Do not try to just make a million post the forum to increase your post count please, just tell us why you must have the beta and how come you are not an active member? :smiley:


What is USB client (device) support? This support will let you control the USB port that goes to your PC. Do not confuse this with USB host. For example, you can now emulate a CDC (serial), mass-storage, mouse or keyboard.

Here is a good example: you are making a keyboard data logger to log your kids keystrokes. FEZ will connect to USB keyboard on the USB host side and to a PC on the USB client side. The key strokes are saved on an SD card. In few days, you can remove the SD from FEZ to read the log file or you can (with a button press) change the USB interface to a USB mass storage. Which means FEZ will work just like a card reader!

The SDK and links will come tomorrow or day after. The web experts are already working on it.

Nice! Can’t wait, thanks GHI!

Will there be a beta SDK for the Cobra, too?

Is this limited to this forum or also for the GHI forum?

Nice way of client binding …

I’m not a big poster, and don’t need to be a beta tester, for now :wink:
But when you are working on the interupt level support then i like to do some testing work on that part.


The SDK is for all GHI NETMF products. This is why it takes a while to make updates.

Cypher, I have seen you being active on this forum and on GHI recently. I am guessing you are asking because you are interested in the beta. Your account has been updated and you now can get the beta when it is online. Have fun :wink:

Thanks to you and to everyone helping the FEZ community :slight_smile:

Ok , thanks

I will do my best :smiley:

Very good work! Funny thing that I thought about this yesterday :wink:

So where will the beta SDK be when it’s up? Will it be under the downloads section?

No, there is a whole new page that being developed for beta releases.

Any news on when the page will be up?

Faster than you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

This can be eaten ?! :confused:

[offtopic] I would like to know that too :stuck_out_tongue: [/offtopic]

I would love to see the new page, but I guess the tinyCLR / GHI guys are fast like thunder as always :smiley:

Peanut butter+jelly sandwiches are very common in USA, especially for kids to take to school.

Trust me, the guys are going crazy trying to get this out. We thought we were done but we had to make changes on the forum to rank users. Changes that you wouldn’t see but it is a lot of work.

I’ve managed/programmed a big site and its associated forum and I can confirm that the “little good idea” often becomes a big mess if not done and thought correctly…

Which means : take your time :wink:

You may need extra-time after the publication if too much bugs are encountered :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just glad I’m not the web developer :wink: I have been in this situation many, many times before, and it’s never a fun situation to be in.

Any estimates for how long the beta testing will last? Or when can we expect it to be an official release? :slight_smile:

My project (sending files to/from USB drive to PC using Domino via Bluetooth serial) is already nearing deadline(October). But all I need to do is make a GUI on the PC to show the files and folders in the USB drive.

And if my understanding is correct, this upcoming sdk will definitely be of use for my project. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes FEZ can act like a USB card reader for the SD card, if this is what you need. And can become a virtual serial port.

Depending on how many problem we find/fix, production release may take 2 to 4 weeks…maybe more.

Is there any way to change the debug interface in code?

I think someone mentioned a while back that the USB client can be used for either debugging or as a custom USB client. If this is so, would it be possible for me to set the Domino up so that the LDR button toggles the USB client mode? That way, I don’t have to get a Serial shield.

With Domino, you really need the serial shield if you are going to use USB client. With Cobra, you will need to wire in an RS232 converter or use a USB serial cable. You can use this cable http://www.ftdichip.com/Products/EvaluationKits/TTL-232R.htm

For selecting the interface, there is a pin on all devices to select the interface, USB vs serial. You can use this pin to set the debug interface to USB to load your applications and then switch to serial to run your application…but then how would you debug your code? This is a bad idea. You really need to make a serial connection for debugging/deploying to leave USB free for your application use.