What is FEZ Hacker?

GHI provides a lot of value added on top of NETMF, see the GHI Profile http://www.ghielectronics.com/profile/

With that said, GHI would also like to sponsor those wanting to dig into the NETMF source codes. We started with FEZopen firmware and JTAG on FEZ Panda and now adding a complete DIY (do it yourself) FEZ, we call it FEZ Hacker. See image below.

The porting ebook details making ports for FEZ Panda and for FEZ Hacker. The free book is still in progress and provided as a gift to the NETMF community.
The book has all kind of information on FEZ Hacker.

We look forward to see the first FEZ Hacker made by the community. 2000 experience points will be added for the first member who makes one.
You also get GHI’s full support if you are interested in manufacturing this FEZ board commercially :wink:

Looks Freakin’ Awesome ! Thanks !

Hello Gus,

Not sure what you exactly expect; so i give you an example and you can tell of i’m right or not :wink:
When I go to extend the FEZ mini with the option to have battery chargers than then that will become a FEZ hacker?

thanks anyway


I’m not really sure I understand… So you are giving away the design files and hoping someone makes their own PCB and solders the components on it? 8)

To most users, existing FEZ boards are ideal but there are others who want to dig deep into the porting kit, they are porters of NETMF not users. This board with JTAG and plenty of IOs is a good starting point for them.

The board is made purely for the NETMF benefit, yes when you make the board GHI doesn’t get anything directly but the NETMF growth is important to everyone in this community including GHI. Plus you should keep using the FEZ name and keep a mention of GHI who made the board :smiley:

You want to use FEZ the freakin’ easy way? We have FEZ Cobra, FEZ Rhino, FEZ Domino and FEZ Panda.
You want to port FEZ the freakin’ easy way? We have FEZ Hacker and FEZ Panda.

It is about giving you more options…hope you like the new design and use it.

I still don’t understand. Reasonably, how many people here have the skills to actually build that board up?

I’m not criticizing and I think it’s a really great thing GHI aims to do for the community, I’m just making sure I understand correctly ;D

I applaud GHI for supporting the masochistic community.

It is not necessary made for those who do not have the skills, we have plenty of FEZes that require zero skills. This one is made for those who are experienced in command line compilation, experienced in low level embedded programming (assembly/c++), experienced in SMT soldering and embedded systems in general… or for tinkerers who may not have all the experience but they like the challenge.

If you ask me, I think it is pretty easy since you are given everything. The only experience needed is SMT soldering but even that can be done by someone else or some company.

We could manufacture this board with enough requests but don’t you think GHI offers plenty of FEZes :smiley:

Someone could make few hundreds of these and sell on ebay pretty cheap. If you do not have a “company” expenses and overhead then you can make all kind of money selling these board :wink:

Ok, I get it now. Might I suggest you make a kit? Include the PCB, the USBizi, etc. and sell it at cost for what the EE work and components are worth.

Usbizi is not used on this board. Read more about it in the ebook please :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested i will likely have a 5-10 batch of the pcb made of this in the near future…

I am actually really looking forward to the completion of the porting e-book. I have an Olimex board with a Cirrus Logic EP9302 chip, ethernet, usb host, 16Mb Flash and 32Mb ram that has been pretty much useless since I bought it. I am now planning on porting .netmf to it myself then opening the port to the community for free. I know of one existing port but it’s not free.

It is an Atmel chip.

The board I want to port to most definately has a cirrus logic chip, they aren’t shy with their product branding.


Keep in mind, that was the last non-fez board I will ever buy!!!

Sounds good, we look forward to your port for cirrus logic chip

Gus would using a AT91SAM7XC512/256/128 Vs a AT91SAM7X512/256/12 be ok? Not sure aes128 and tdes blocks will come in handy but just wondering.

I have a AT91SAM7S512-EK board lying around and don’t know what to do with it… I can tinker with it once the e-book is complete!

Gus: I found a missing word in the porting guide, page 18.

I guess you are missing “hesitate”?

Yes…funny story, I accidentally ordered the one with AES128 but when looked in both datasheet I learned that both are identical.

Then you can just use it now. Follow the book to compile the firmware and load on your board.

Yes, I will fix it. Thanks


I have been away from all the FEZ fun for some time, owing to work schedule. I am just getting back.

I am amazed at the stuff that is going on :slight_smile:

Quick question, I looked at the PCB for the Hacker with and without the W5100. The JTAG seems to have fewer pins on the second one. Does this take a standard JTAG or an adapter board/cable is required ?

It is standard JTAG on the board without Ethernet.

The board with Ethernet is too busy to fit a standard JTAG so the pins are exposed but you will need to make a cable to JTAG it.