What does your electronics work space/lab look like?

I always find it interesting looking at peoples workspaces and electronics labs. They are great for ideas on what to do with your own.

My electronics area is centred around a 1.8x1.8M corner office desk, with a 1.2x0.6M desk on the end for the colour laser and more storage drawers. In the picture you can just see the corner of my 1.8x0.9m computer desk which fills up most of the rest of the room along with 2 book cases and a wardrobe (used for storing reels, pcbs, product and packaging). This room used to be a bedroom.

A lot of my novels had to get shifted to another room to allow me to put my tools on the shelf. Normally i have a PC power supply that i’ve hacked with banana plugs on the shelf next to the lab supply, however that’s in the garage at the moment running tests on HID Xenons (trying to blow up the ballasts).

My lab’s todo list:

  • Another 3x 20 drawer stacks - i can’t store all my capacitors, mounting hardware or misc IC’s yet.
  • Devise a better solder extraction system than what i have currently: an open window and an 80mm fan to disturb the airflow enough that you don’t end up with a face full of solder flux (fan is mounted on shelf next to the scope).
  • Need a new peice of cardex to put over my aluminium sheet - the old one was too covered in flux and burns (cardboard over aluminium is the ultimate disposable, heat safe work area in my opinion)
  • When my new Dell Precision arrives later this month, put my current Latitude over on the electronics work area. I use these for solder diagrams, schematics and reference - saves so much printing.
  • Hack a new power supply with a Panda, relays and some Allegro ACS755’s to give me an amp regulated 12vx18Ax3, 5Vx20A, 3.3Vx25A power supply with voltage/amp readouts.

That is one disgustingly clean workspace. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have seen it a few weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue: The corner desk used to be my computer desk, and my preset computer desk my electronics desk. I completely re-arranged my room, moved a few hundred novels off the shelves and then I went and spent $600 on additional storage solutions. I had crap piled up to the roof, I could barely make a place to work. It had been getting progressively worse for about 2yrs haha.

Normally, it’s never, ever this messy and disorganized. I’m working on a lot of different project right now, so it is :smiley:

The big wooden thing over my glass L desk is my loft bed. Thats’s where the Aircraft Spruce bag is hanging from.

The components bins have everything from heatshrink, to hundreds of resisters, from accelerometers to serial LCDs.

Flash made everything look a little weird. No idea why there is that huge mark on the wall, that doesn’t look like that in real life!

Staged for the camera!


LOL, it has a lightbox and some studio strobes/softboxes surrounding it at the moment from doing some photography work. I tend to keep it looking like that though, usually with 1 or two projects on it if they are not between my keyboard and screen at the computer desk.

Now i have storage for most things, it’s easier to keep clean :wink:

I cannot show you, because I do not have one. I’m mostly working in the living room to share some time with my parents too. Otherwise I would be in my room all day playing with FEZ :smiley:

I could take a picture of my stuff in my room :slight_smile:

I have most of my gear in a suit case. I can store it away when I have guests over. It also keeps my gf happy.

oh and I forgot to mention Mark, nice helo on the top shelf ! I’m a “collector”, i have a few windy day slope soarers and some thermal gliders (one even is a scale model, unflown, from a friend who passed away) but I rarely get the chance to dust any off and go flying.

I have the same problem of not getting to fly. I have 5 helicopters, only two are finished and flyable. The one on the shelf has all the electronics but isnt setup to fly (one of the other heli’s i have is far more insane than that one so i fly it.) I have about 15 or so planes and 2 nitro trucks. I really need to get rid of some of my aircraft, but all my friends who are into planes have sheds, or houses full of planes/jets. One guy is an orthodontist and has 4 room in his house dedicated to jet storage, about $350k of them. Lucky bastard only works around 3 days a week too.

1 helicopter, 0 in flyable condition ::slight_smile:

0 helicopter 0 in fly condition :smiley:
I do want one though. But I am already wanting sooooooo much lately :smiley:

This thread it going to get a lot of people to clean the work bench or area or garage or desk or floor or the breakfast table or…

Wow MarkH, I’m in love!

I wish my computer desktop looked this nice far less my workbench.

for those who admire my neatness of my PCB soldering, etc,
You may be shocked by this image.

Here is the panorama of my workspace. ::slight_smile:

I solder, programming, draw, paint, built stuff here!

I promise I’m going to renovate my workspace after I saw your workspace, MarkH! :-[

Im building a new workspace now :D it should be finished in about 4 days.
i will post som pics than.

@ Sam: How do you even find a space to work :slight_smile:

What are the yellow boards on the bottom left hand side of the picture? Proto typing?

[quote]What are the yellow boards on the bottom left hand side of the picture? Proto typing?

Yes, They are all sort of stuffs, bluetooth, 7 segments LED, SD breakout board, mp3 player/cellphone charger, XBees, etc that I put them on the perfboard, all of these were use with Arduino. And I’m working on them to be used with FEZ Domino.
Almost all of them are stackable.

Here is the details photo.

What a huge circuit burger you got there :slight_smile:

Woooo, burger king :smiley: