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Looks like for Panda II!

Can’t wait to see the picture :smiley:


coolness. Any word on Gadetteer timeline?


Small typo on that page:

[quote]The kit includes:
FEZ Base board
Plastick Enclosure
Single-row header
Dual-row header[/quote]

Plastick should be Plastic


@ gus Sorry, I did not mean to steal your thunder! ;D


Grrrrrr. I am going to need to slow you down somehow! Maybe send you a cute panda to keep you busy away from announcing our new products :smiley:



Edit: Now with picture. Looks awesome!!!


Or… I suppose you will have to make a post here before adding anything to the GHI product page to slow Architect down :slight_smile: Architect must have made a little web crawler that rings his PC and sends 5v down his arm.


I just went to see schematics, that Gus mentioned in the other thread, and saw the new product. ;D


looks good, but I’m waiting for that overhead shot :wink:


Looking good, more pictures? :whistle:


OK, I’ve been staring at the picture long enough. I think I see how things go together, so I have mine on order. I will start adding pictures when I get it, if no one does before I get mine :smiley:


I just dont get it.

Looking at the pictures it seems that the PCB can hold a Panda II upside down. Its good to see that there is a cut out so the reset button can be reached, but when its mounted on the enclosure base it will be unreachable.

But there is also a footprint for a second Panda, Domino or Arduino. You probably could have a dual microcontroller board but I doubt that this will be the case for many users, and its just a waste of space if unused. I would rather have a larger prototyping area.
I can see from a production point of view that it makes sense to have a single board supporting different devices, but for a user point of view 25% of the board is wasted space.

As it stands, one could just as well flip over a regular Panda, Domino or Arduino in the one placeholder. Why two placeholders?


@ Geir, if you are referring to the right side of the tinkerer kit, it’s a place for your shields to plug into. You can’t plug a shield into the left side because the Panda II is upside down.


I think we should wait till we have more pictures so it is more clear on how things go. The new tinkerer kit is made so you can plug multiple shields and still be able to close the enclosure so you can stack or put them side to side :slight_smile: Not only that, it is also setup to take the new color touch display.

Website is being updated so just give a bit more time please.


Then I get it
That makes more sense


“NEW COLOUR TOUCH DISPLAY” for the PandaII… MacJesus!!!

Can’t wait.


:whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


Ok, my Tinker got here today. It took no time at all to assemble. With the new stuff announced in the catalog today I have decided not to complete the build until I get my FEZ connect shield and FEZ Touch since they will require some cutting :smiley:


A few comments for those who want to build theirs easily.
Grab a stackable shield. I used my Micro SD shield. This makes it much easier to solder the pins.
There are two areas that are layed out like Arduino shields. The one with the mounting holes for a 40-pin (2x20-pin) header is for the Panda II and receives the male headers. The other one receives the female headers and is for the shield.
I put the female headers on the pins of my shield and then stacked the Tinker board on the pins of the female shield. This made it much simpler to keep the pins in place while soldering.
I then soldered the pins in place.
Then put the male headers on the other side of shield and solder them on the side for the Panda. Finally, with both the female headers on the shield side and the male headers on the Panda side it is easy to put the 40-pin (2x20-pin)male header in place flip the tinker board and solder the 40-pin in place.

Make sure you put the male headers on the Panda side, you are going to place your FEZ on these pins so they have to plug-in to the FES’s female headers.


I went ahead had added the 40-pin(2x20-pin) Male header because I intend to add the FEZ Touch.
So here is a photo of the board with the headers soldered on.