Website issues

i know im a new to .net mf but i have many years of web programming, asp and, and your website sucks, the forums are from 10 years ago, your product pages dont work in IE, you need to update, especially since people like me need to look up stuff

What are you talking about?

Everything on this site is brand new and updates are coming in constantly.

I’m also a web developer with years of experience and I don’t see anything wrong here.

The product pages work on IE. Maybe they don’t work with IE6 (I don’t have access to IE6 anymore, so I can’t test), but if you are a web developer you should know better than to use IE6.

If you need to look stuff up, there is a search function for a reason.

The search function only works for the forum pages, I think, not for the entire site. Maybe that is what is irritating our friend ?

Trying with IE7, there are indeed some problems :



But… Why would someone use IE7/6 now apart from some adventurers ? :slight_smile:

I don’t know for other IE versions or Opera, but latest Firefox and Chrome do give good results. If it only “fails” with older IE versions, then, as a webmaster, I wouldn’t bother that much modifying the code. :hand:
Btw, even Google will (already has ?) stop IE6 support, so…

Contractorwolf, which browser are you using ? Wich OS ? I’m currently using XP SP3.

I don’t code for any version of IE lower than 8 anymore, and I give the TinyCLR guys kudos for not giving in and coding their site to work with IE6 and 7. The more developers that put their foot down and drop support for IE 6 and 7, the faster those browsers get antiquated.

Excactly! People moaning about non-functioning of websites in IE7 (or worse) IE6 should really take a look in the mirror and ask themselves what the heck they are up to.

These browsers are from the middle ages and IE6 is a pain if it comes to CSS and formatting.

People with IE6 should be banned from the internet :hand:

While I fully agree with the sentiments about IE6 (friends don’t let friends drive the internet with IE6), I know the pain only too well about “corporate” environments that have reasons for not being able to move as quickly as we would all like.

But there really isn’t any excuse on a personally controlled machine!


I have seen some companies run IE6, when I asked them why, they did not know why. ???

Going to any company’s forum and telling them thier website/forum sucks would NOT improve nor fix anything. All you are doing is upsetting the support team and web developer.

You say you are a professional so why not be professional when you post something?

You will never get support from us with the way you post :slight_smile:

I am happily using IE8 and everything works fine.

for starters, i am on IE7 which is a pretty standard browser for most offices, i know IE6 has issues but for your site to not work correctly in IE7 on XP SP3?

my point was to ruffle some feathers and maybe get your web developer to fix some of the problems (javacript errors on product pages, text descriptions overlapping, etc.). it just looks unprofessional for you to have those sorts of issues.

you are selling .net enabled products, one would think that you would have a website that enjoyed the benefits of all of your .net experience, saying that you dont support IE below 8 seems a little weird (especially since the UI on your site is not very complex)

that all being said, i am going to continue to come to this site on a regular basis, and i am going to continue to point out where you have issues (just wait until i get to your poorly written GPS driver code!). i think that going to a companies forum and letting them know where they are falling short is EXACTLY how you get them to improve and fix stuff.

Could we get a feature to block posts from specific users?

at least that we slightly more constructive then the last post but just as assholish in attitude.

I understand you catch more flies with poop. none of us are flies here.

You are always welcome to comment here just remember that there are better ways to express your own opinion to others.

This forum is brand new and we are not done working on it, you saying it is 10 years old will just put all developers down…just for your unneeded/unproductive comment…the smilies were just added yesterday! We are adding tools today… attachments soon…and we LOVE this forum.

You see something not functional, just point it out and we will take care if it…
You see something you do not personally like, point it out and we may just make it so you are happy.

You are still new to GHI and this website. Very soon you will realize how close GHI works with everyone…but at the same time we rather spend more time with users that want to be productive instead of just wasting our time.

Exactly! Referring to:


I do love this forum. I hate those PHPBB (and all that look like it) forums. Too much unwanted crap. I want help. I want it fast, I want it good. That’s exactly what this forum does.

Ever heard of:


ha, you want to block me because i criticized your website? arent we in General Discussions where i can “Feel free to talk about anything”? i think you guys are a little too concerned with how i said it and not enough with taking a look at the issues i pointed out. this is technology, try not to take it personally.

You came in here and stated very bluntly that the website is crap. Did you not expect at all that you were going to get these kinds of replies!?

We aren’t going to block you, that was said by a member not GHI staff.

The responses you are seeing are coming from users like you not from GHI staff.

Maybe listen to their comments and use this forum to be more productive. You are here to learn about NETMF and use FEZ so let us keep it at that.

For example, it the GPS code is so bad like you said then contribute a better code and help the community. We are looking forward to see how you will help this community like all other users on this forum do.

By the way, this is another chance to thank everyone contributing to the FEZ community…so THANKS ;D

Yes, looking forward to your contribution. :wink:

I do not know what is meant? The only thing I found was me saying that IE6 users should be banned from the internet, this has nothing to do with the user. Please do not understand me wrong.

Someone said they wanted a “member block feature”