"We are makers" video from Build 2015

Video I scripted/directed for Build 2015




Great video, love it!

I want to be a part of that team, I agree to work for free :whistle:


Very nice. Even Colin made it to the video.

Of course the ending with Pete is the best :slight_smile:

Great job, @ Pete! I was very excited to watch that part last week.

Great video! Great environment!

Ha! Thanks :slight_smile:

Colin is in the video because I insisted we give representation to all the important products. NETMF sometimes gets left out, but as Colin states, it’s our strategy for low-power devices.


Very nice !

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Great work getting this compiled Pete, and cool music too :slight_smile:

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@ Pete - Great video and I like the music, kind of brings over the spirit of you guys … :clap:

Oh, didn’t I mention, great director too … hope Hollywood doesn’t get wind of the talent here :wink:

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Thanks all.

Jason Olson, the person performing at the keyboard, wrote the music in a couple days after I asked him to do it for the video.

He’s one of the PMs on the media experiences team, focusing on video creation/editing. Great guy and good friend.


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This is Colin getting all beautified:

And here’s his office, crowded with lights and recording equipment:


@ Pete Brown from my secret stash…

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Nice to see someone else likes the Microsoft Ergonomic/Comfort 4000 keyboards :smiley:

I bought a whole stash of them when they were going to be discontinued.


My stash is dwindling due to my poor coordination and my cola habit. I’ve been using the 4000 exclusively for so long that I am not sure my fingers can learn a new keyboard.

Looks like you can still by them on Amazon for $30.

+1 for too. But do not have a stash anymore…

He’s going to kill you for making that public… :wink:

Forget the 4000… If you haven’t tried the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard yet then you don’t know what you’re missing. Best keyboard they’ve ever made.

I am old and set in my ways. My previous favorite keyboard was the clakity-clack IBM PC keyboard.

I used to record a lot of videos here, so I needed quiet keyboards. I even used to put a towel under the 4000.