Want to learn FPGA programming

Wanted to do that for some time:

Backing up this project on KS:

Looks like a decent board to start with.

Any other tips on resources, good books, etc. for FPGA beginners?


Hmmm… a FPGA gadgeteer module, this would be something… a universal mother module :wink:

That thought crossed my mind. :wink: I will definitely try to combine the two in one form or another.

That is on the list actually :slight_smile:

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I’ve done some FGPA work in the past using Verilog. Pretty sure I’ve still got some code floating around. It was mostly to interface w a 7" LCD and SDRAM though

Interesting! Already some ideas what we can do with these things?

If you have some time watch the defcon 17 FPGA (ok, 2 years old but it’s good)

Waw, very clear video … nice thanks for sharing

@ Gus, what do you mean there is an FPGA module? What, when, where, why aren’t you taking my money yet?!

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  1. Software Defined Radios
  2. SIMD instruction execution
  3. Video Compression

To name a few things that can be done.

As David said it can be “universal mother module”.

Isn’t Intel working on this?

(Brb searching the net)

Not sure if this a FPGA, but: http://semiaccurate.com/2012/09/25/intel-shows-of-a-fully-digital-radio

Use matlab / simulink as design / develop environment and boom :wink:

O.k. thanks, seems to be promising. Two or three weekends and I`ll be at the leading edge.

Hopefully they will meet their deadline. I am excited about that device.

Software Defined Radios are actually not legal to purchase as a consumer product because it is impossible to obtain FCC certification for them (since they are defined at run time with software), so you can’t sell them as a single unit so you will have to get the high speed ADCsand DACs separately.

I personally prefer MicroSemi’s SmartFusion line of FPGAs because they have a Hard processor in package and their Flash based FPGA arch. doesn’t suffer from Firm Errors that arise from Ionizing radiation.

Somebody on Mojo forum mentioned this book:

So, I am going to start with it.

The guru for SDR is here:

I’ve their radio and they are absolute outstanding. On the site there’s lot of docs about SDR. They now use Xilinx fpga for the last incredible model 6000.
The software powersdr is also available in src. It is vs2008 c#.

@ Architect - What VHDL?

@ Mike - Verilog