Visual Studio vNext & Azure event


Some good stuff being announced at or around this event.



@ Pete Brown - Wish I could watch this live, but I’ve got to be onsite at a client both days. :frowning:

Hopefully, I can find the time to at least view the highlights.

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@ devhammer - Stupid jobs get in the way of the fun stuff! :open_mouth:

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True, but they do have the upside of putting dinner on the table and keeping a roof over one’s head, so there’s that, at least. :smiley:

@ devhammer - blah blah blah…lol


@ devhammer - roof / food are vastly over rated.

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I’d wager that Mrs. Devhammer would disagree with you on that point.

Besides, we’re talking about an online learning event that will presumably be recorded. It’s not like we’re talking about blinkies, or anything important like that…

@ devhammer - I just bought a pile more hardware today as I have ideas a burning and Mrs. Duke Nukem knows makers gotta make.


GHI just got a shoutout in one of the demos. They used a GHI board for a demo. Couldn’t make out which one.


My guess was a Spider. They showed the same board earlier in the morning, though didn’t attribute to GHI.

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He just used a Fez Raptor with an RFid reader and accelerometer mounted in a RC truck. Not sure what type of wireless connection he used.
Pretty neat.

Just caught up to that point of the video.

Accurate both ways :wink:

yep … very cool 8)

Any links avail to get it ?

Cool event. Liked the MineCraft demo ;D

Check out the release notes for VS2015 - impressive!

The new free Visual Studio Community edition is what I thought would be the most interesting thing there for NETMF developers.

It’s basically VS Pro, but free.



Official distributions of .NET for Linux and OS X and full .NET server stack in open source, including ASP.NET, the .NET compiler, the .NET Core Runtime, Framework and Libraries.

Yep. Hence the “Community” name :slight_smile:

It’s much nicer than express because you don’t need 3 different Express installs to build something that uses cloud, devices, an app, or something else. It’s the better single-solution model and just makes sense.


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