USB Driver for debugging

I wired a SCM20260N to USB, but no driver gets loaded.

Windows comes up with an exclamation mark - no driver found.
I want to program to TinyCLR Config tool and start debugging

Were can I find the drivers
Thanks for your time

Did you follow the getting started instructions here?

Yes, I did
I am not sure what I am doing wrong

Now I grounded LDR
The APP and MODES are open

  • the USB shows up as COM Port

I was able to program the latest firmware
But not able to deploy the blinker application - it tries on the COM port but fails

Release LDR after loading the firmware and the board will now be ready for visual studio

Once you are done updating firmware, the LDR need to be high, reset the board then you can deploy the app.

make sure you select right interface again (USB or COM port).

Which is the COM port number, it is not labelled on you site

And if I use USB the driver does not load does it use CDC driver

  • SC20260: COM5
  • SC20100: COM1