Upgrading my Cobra 3 to TinyCLR


I am flowing the guide here: https://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/loaders/ghi-bootloader.html

but i am running in to issues. When i boot the fez in to boot loader mode both the leds turn on and a comport shows up on my pc so far so good. but when i connect with putty or teraterm or putty with the baude rate of 9600 it does not respond at all. i dont see any text when i use the commands shown.

Do any of you know what i am doing wrong?

Close all terminals and rest your beard, maybe even reset your PC.

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I will try it.

I have been watching this video and you mention something about windows 10 is that still an issue? Updating BrainPad's Firmware - Tech Talk #041 - YouTube

Huh? …

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That is what happens when you answer the forum at 5AM :sleepy:

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Not sure which issue. EMX had an issue with USB, not G120.

Sorry had to do some other stuff for a couple of days.

so to update you, i can still program the cobra 3 using visual studio 2013 so i know it works.
but when i start it in debug mode i can seem to get any response. can you tell me what the default baude rate is… maybe i have that set up wrong.

Try 115,200

nope still just a empty screen…

i am so confused.

so - please show us screen shots of device manager in the different states.

this is what it shows up as.


well according to http://old.ghielectronics.com/docs/54/loader-tinybooter-g120-and-emx-families you need to use 115200,N,8,1 on COM4 in your case. Are you using TeraTerm, or something else? Get TeraTerm from the GHI site, I can find the EXE in https://old.ghielectronics.com/downloads/bin/. If you don’t get any response from the BL command, you’re doing it wrong :slight_smile: :wink:

i usually use putty, and these are the settings i had.

but TeraTerm with the same settings as you mention does not work ether… you tell me what i am doing wrong, i thought that i would at least get some garbage text if the baud rate is not correct but i get absolutely nothing.

yeah smiley winkey faces mean I have no idea what is going on and I was joking about you doing it wrong - it clearly is not working as we all expect it to.
Can you still open the GHI netmf firmware updater tool (whose name escapes me at the moment) and report back what state it sees the device in?

man it has been ages since i have used the old update tool does any else know if i can still download it?

don’t you have it installed as part of the SDK?

i have: [ Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.3 (QFE2)] and [GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1] installed.

from here:

run MFDeploy when in “G120” mode and see what it says when you PING it? When I dug my virgin Cobra3 out it shows up with “GHI Bootloader Interface” in Device Manager (likely it has no firmware at all - so expected)

Fez Config - that’s that I meant ! That installs as part of the GHI SDK layer…

jep ping works just fine

Pinging… 2644 bytes available
Pinging… TinyCLR
Pinging… TinyCLR
HAL build info:, Microsoft Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rig
OEM Product codes (vendor, model, SKU): 255, 0, 65535
Serial Numbers (module, system):
Solution Build Info:, Copyright (C) GHI Electronics, LLC
default, id=1

ok so I just applied my firmware. Went into Advanced of Fez Config, could see the device after following the instructions that are presented. This then got me to a state where I could reboot into BL mode (LDR0 + LDR1 + reset) and connect and see the device with Putty. Tera Term then also is just fine. Press ENTER in terminal and you get BL response, then V gets version number…