Upgrading my Cobra 3 to TinyCLR

so just to solidify my thoughts. Your device has netmf, it’s working fine. When you reset into BL mode (LDR0+1+reset) you should get a serial port that will talk to the bootloader.

for more info, I’m running a Win10 device, running Windows Insider Fast build, build 18898.

ok just wondering i am using i wanted to try out the new tinyCLR its just that i am rebuilding the system my cobra is used in… i was just trying out the new plugin in VS2017 and i could not use the libs because they used Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware. does this mean that i cant use tinyCLR in my current projects.

or is there a way to make it work? it has bean ages for me working with .netmf

to move to TinyCLR you need to update the device to TinyCLR firmware. That’s what I thought you were trying to do??? If you just think that you can use TinyCLR and VS2017 without doing anything else, yeah nah that ain’t how it flies :slight_smile: You need to follow the bouncing ball to get there https://docs.ghielectronics.com/software/tinyclr/getting-started.html

Of course you could be just thinking about using netmf with later versions of VS - but again, different process to get there.

Please clear up what you really really want. (yes tell us what you want what you really really want.) < / spicegirls >

hehe thanks Bret,

What i wanted is to use the new TinyCLR and get used to the new way of doing things… But the cobra i wanted to use is from a system that i am refurbishing.

I was using a lib https://www.nuget.org/packages/SIM800H.Azure.Devices.HTTPClient/ that someone else made long time ago.

what i am thinking is that TinyCLR is not backwards compatible to i wont be able to use the code i had. so i am thinking this might not be a good idea to do and i should order a spare cobra to play with.

netmf != tinyclr

netmf code != tinyclr code

They’re similar, but there’s not a hope in hell of just opening code and using it in a project of the other ilk. Chose what side of the fence you want to be on :slight_smile:

In all honesty, it seems to me to be largely a one way jump. Once you’ve converted a big app, you’re less likely to want to go back. If you’re just testing the waters, or got some new ideas, then I can imagine swapping won’t cause angst, but otherwise you will need to commit to redevelop code…

Jep thats waht i was afraid of, thanks for all the help. i just ordered some test hardware so i dont screw up a working system :}

but once you understand bootloaders and modes, switching firmware is a piece of cake, so going back to where you were for a working system is easy - ok so some caveats, assuming you have your existing code, your existing firmware and SDK versions, and you can currently deploy an update to your app as needed… then, it’s easy to jump back/forward. But I totally understand wanting a safe way to do what you want