Updates on SC20100S TQFP SOC availability?

I’m getting ready to send off my PCB for a first prototype and I’m wondering what the TQFP SOC availability is… I see Mouser has them listed and “on order” but I’m curious if there are samples or early access for insiders?

I am sure we can spare you a couple. Or have GHI build your boards and then you automatically get the chips :wink:

Be careful what you ask for, you haven’t seen the rest of the board :slight_smile:. Seriously though, I didn’t know you offered this service. Can you do short run prototypes on 2oz copper cost effectively given a BOM from Digikey? I was just going to get a stencil and hot plate reflow it here, but hand assembly does get old. 2oz copper narrows down the list of cost effective suppliers too.

We do if the product has our som.

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