Unable to program a SC20100S in Visual Studio

I am unable to program any SC20100S. I was able to program it earlier today. Instead of deploying it just starts the debugger and runs the code that is already present. I already tried to reinstall the TinyCLR addon, update Visual Studio and I erased the SC20100S.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

You have 2 option:

  1. Hold the APP button and hit reset. This will prevent the present application run and allow you to deploy new application.
  2. Hold LDR, hit reset. This will enter bootloader mode, allow you to erase all. You need to reload firmware again, then you can deploy new application.

For a test program, I usually add check the button before let the app runs.

var button = GpioController.GetDefault().Open(buttonpin...);

while(button.Read() == High);

// Start the app

Thanks for the quick reply! Sadly none of the options seemed to fix my problem, but I figured it out. I have a library project in my solution where a reference was wrongly defined. When I removed this reference it deploys the code like normal again.


Then that is the third option :))).