UCM Development Board - Dissapointed that Mode signal circuit was changed


I have six G400 Development Boards (with built-in display) and was hoping to switch to the UCM Development board, lower cost and we don’t need the display.

For the G400 Development Board
Turns out that the Mode signal on PA25 was on a header so simple to put a toggle switch on, see early post with pictures if interested.

For the UCM Development Board
Now on the UCM development board, the Mode signal is on BOOT.D signal which is connected to a push button. This makes it ackward to leave the mode set to COM port debugging mode, when the system resets un-attended or out of reach of the computer user that is preforming tests.

We kind of got use to the cross shape layout of the five pushbuttons, to run what we call “Standalone” menu without the computer attached for long term testing.


This is what happens when we pamper our customers with many options and give them a lower cost alternative :slight_smile:

Doesn’t G400 boot up in USB mode? Which is where most users live, at least for starter. But you need USB for debugging in your application?

There is a test pad by every button. That is there so you can add a wire/resistor to make the signal default to whatever you wish. You may also place a female header there for reusability.

Going on into the future, TinyCLR may have the option to do this in software but for now you have options.


Agreed, there are too many customers to please all of them.

Our application uses the USB port as a client to Windows.

Good to know about the pads by the pushbuttons, I’ll see what I can come up with to adapt these UCM Development Boards as a replacement to the G400 Development Board.


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We can also still offer the old boards for you if needed.