Turnkey manufacturing services from GHI Electronics

Turnkey manufacturing services
Innovation and creativity is part of everything we do, so even when we decided to offer manufacturing services, we had to take this service beyond what everyone else offers. Today, we are announcing a new website that is dedicated just for this purpose.

A new unique approach
The first approach is in the fact that we, optionally, provide and stock a long list of stock components. This means that the customer doesn’t need to buy full reels of parts, that mostly go to waste. Also, GHI does not need to sort through the parts sent by the customer. The parts will cost less as GHI buys the parts in very high volumes.

Secondly, while the manufacturing is done in our facility in USA, our service fees are lower than the competition and some cases even compete with Asian prices. Thanks to system we put on our new website, most operations are automated. This means no human errors and lower prices. The website automatically outputs the data needed to go directly in the machines.

Effective for low volumes
All the above allows us to build circuit boards in low volumes effectively. An example would be a first run of a new design or small run of a community creation.

A cloud for circuit board projects
Even if not ordering, the website is a convenient place to store/maintain circuit board projects. These projects can optionally be made public, with an appropriate license, making this an ideal place for open source designs.

We are almost ready!
As of today, the website is live but it is for demonstration purposes only, We expect to start accepting orders very soon. Please visit the website to learn more about it and do not forget to check out the FAQ. http://www.TurnkeyAssembly.com/

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.


Gus, this is very interesting, but I have a few questions.

  1. Does this work for users outside the US?

  2. What are your PCB/pick and place capabilities? 4 layer? ENIG? Colours? Etc.

  3. Will your SOMs be listed as components?

  4. Can users earn money when people buy their public designs?

  5. Can users have private designs?

Gus, this is very interesting, but I have a few questions.

I od not see any reason why not, unless a country has export restrictions of course.

We can place down to 0201, so placing is not a problem and as far as the PCB, we can get you about anything. However, we will list official capabilities on the website.


We talked about this but as of now, no.

Of course. All designs are private until you decide you want to make them public and you get to pick which CC license you want to use.


Cool JIT. From a purely developers perspective, you have gotten me slightly more interested in the electronic side. Still mostly over my head and seems like a daunting learning curve. Some step by step example projects for us slow devs could prove me wrong however.

I am willing to pay a high markup for the following Modules if anyone has these skills :wink:

Motion Sensors, specialty cameras (infrared)
PH Sensor, Nutrient Sensors, pump …
Servo, hydraulic, pneumatic, related

These are the sort of modules that will help us build projects which have lucrative industrial applications.

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Me too!

Is the issue the drivers?

Hi Gus,

looks like very nice service. So far we don’t know the prices for service, but still nice approach.

I do have question, will GHI provide eagle library for all components that will your service provide?

Will you accept eagle format or GERBER only?


Throughout the many designs we provide publicly, you already have all the components in EAGLE. As for the Gerber files, EAGLE gives you the Gerber files with one click and we will provide some tutorials to help out just in case.

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They don’t have infinite resources, nor are they a non-profit organization.

GHI needs to make business decisions that works them.

@ Gus - Yes I know that, I was just wondering if you plan some central eagle parts library, but anyway, like the service and I’m going to at least test it when ready.

Tutorials are always welcome, thx Gus! :whistle:

Any chance somebody from GHI can make a non-binding statement about how much a single items usually cost vs. the stated 10-count prices?

10% more? 50% more? Double? $5 more?

how about 10x more - that’s not a bad worst case to use :slight_smile:

Honestly you’ll find the NRE costs of doing one versus 10 are rarely different, so you’re much better off doing quantity rather than totally one-offs. The other alternative is just make small run PCBs and hand place/assemble components you buy in small quantities.

That would be nice but they don’t seem to show the prices for 1. All the 10x and more are shown but all the 1x’s are “call for quote.”

I’m just this guy screwing around with this stuff, when I have time. I rarely need to buy more than a couple of anything.

yep,my point is, assume it’ll cost you the same to buy 10x of a module as it will to buy 1x or 2x of them. The cost to any contract manufacturer is roughly the same to set up solder paste, to set up the pick-and-place, to load components, run the boards thru the machine, and then reflow them.

If you only want one or two of a module, use one of the PCB board houses “prototype run” capabilities (oshpark is 3x boards; breadboardkiller is the same for AU; dirtypcbs or seeed studio or DFRobot or… for 10x boards that leaves you with 8x decorative boards). It’s then still likely to be cheaper for you to buy the parts and assemble at home (and not that hard to do)

Is the service still in beta? Has anyone used the service? Experiences? Also the number of projects have not changed for awhile.

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Here is someone whose used the service and is sharing his experience: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/showcase#17561


@ kiwi_stu - Add some of your projects, even if you aren’t getting something built, it is an easy and free place to keep your BoMs and design files.

@ Gary - Are there step-by-step instructions somewhere? Maybe I’m missing something, but I was trying to add a project, and there are a number of things I just don’t know how to do (for example, I’ve never used Fiducial Markers, so I’ve no idea what to do in that part of the Gerber upload section…do I need to modify my Eagle project and re-export the Gerbers?). Similarly, the add component section describes an X and Y position, with a reference…is that one of the Fiducial Markers, or…?

We added a link to the gerber upload to learn more about fiducials that leads here: https://www.turnkeyassembly.com/help/fiducial

You will have to modify your design to include these and re-export. As for the component section a.k.a. Bill of Materials, if you’re using Eagle simply go File > Export > Partlist and you’ll get a text file with a Position column that contains the (XY). The Part column value can be your Reference identifier for each position (e.g. C1, C2, C3 …). Look at other project’s BoM to see their reference labels.


@ Josh - Thanks. I’ll have to re-install Eagle, I think (the board design was several PC paves ago), but that at least helps me understand what’s expected for those areas.