Transition to GHI Electronics

The transition to GHI Electronics has begun. For now, somethings don’t work:

You can watch topics but you won’t get an email yet.
Missing pages:

  • Advanced Searches
  • Users
  • Contribute
  • Rewards
  • GHI Insider

Edit 4/3/2013
[ul]Font has been changed.
Codeshare forum posts fixed with correct link.
Codeshare will now post to forum.[/ul]

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I think code tags are broken at the moment.
Looks great though, nice to have it part of the main site now :slight_smile:

int num = 5;

Should be working now :smiley:

Looking good!

Been waiting for this for too long :slight_smile:

Should we stop using the other one? I see this thread is not visible on tinyclr

What other one? :slight_smile:

Rrrright! :slight_smile:

Weird double post issue

links to old forum don’t work. Like second post in the following thread:

I see this:

I see. I guess I was expecting it to auto redirect. But the link in the “has moved” page does work correctly. I can live with that. :smiley:

Edit: I’ve attached an image to this post, but it is not shown.

There are strange user IDs not transferred over too. See my last post on the Coldfire porting post, ; OP not known

Your posts not even registered as unread on my phone for some reason.

Hmm, I click REPLY and I got my last message appear ! Weird.

Anyway, unread seemed to be working for me on a laptop - was it on a timer Josh, or real-time?

Unread should appear as you visit pages.
@ Brett - He simply does not have a Username.

Anyone see some odd behavior where the row spacing suddenly jumps the first time you click on a link in a page, requiring you to click again? It seems fairly consistent the first time any page is loaded.

I notice this behavior when clicking on the following (see screenshots). I am using IE10 on Win7.

… Well, since the screenshots aren’t showing up, try clicking on any Unread Topic or any Last Post in the main forum page. Oh, and I’m seeing only 1/4th of each Avatar in the Frequent User’s panel. The remaining 3/4ths of each image are truncated.

testing images … not working

IE10 on Win8, see the same thing as @ Iggmore.

Looks like quoting doesn’t work either; I clicked Quote on Iggmore’s reply but I didn’t get the quote appearing.

@ Iggmoe & Brett - Not seeing the issue you’re talking about.