Too cheap and fun to not share:

I’ve been flying one of these around the office today (few people in today)

They are having a post-holidays stock clearance… so for [em]less than $5,[/em] you can get a really fun, tiny, quadcopter:

I bought 11 of them. :slight_smile:

(one a few weeks ago when it was $15, and the other 10 today)


Just ordered 2. Chose the free delivery but could be at least 4-6 weeks based on the crappy Indonesia postal service once it arrives in country. :frowning:

Nice! 5 on the way. I’ll be amazed if more than two can be flown in the same area at the same time, though :frowning:

1.2v rechargeable AA batteries do work in the transmitter/charger. You can charge the drone a few times before you need to recharge the AAs, just fyi (at least with my eneloops)

@ mtylerjr - How easy to control these?

These are the most stable, responsive, and easy to fly of the quadcopters ive had.

The hexacopter I mentioned awhile ago was very stable also, but it had the problem that you had to remove the battery to charge it, and it never slid back in the same way exactly so I always had to spend half the charge “trimming” it.

But these little guys are great and easy to control. You can hover very cleanly. You can spin them around while the hover… and you can flip then over 360 degress. The only thing is the throttle is sensitive, so whenever someone starts using it, they will invariably zoom up, hit the ceiling, overcompensate, and it will drop to the floor. They are pretty durable though - that wont hurt them. And you soon get the knack. They are not so good outside with any wind though, being so small.

Mine has been crashed 100 times - and one of the support bars of the propeller guards snapped, but it doesnt affect anything.

I am able to have it take off from my coffee table, zoom around into the next room, hover over my son’s head, chase him around the house, then come back and land on the coffee table without too much difficulty.

My boss flew it around our office yesterday, and accidentally landed it on one of the light fixtures - upside down. We had to use a mop handle to get it down, lol.

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Good that my living room ceiling ist 4.5 meters at the highest Point.
If I count in the downward stairs (which are part of the living room), then it’s about 7 meter free height at one spot ;D

@ mtylerjr - Thanks for the link and detailed description. Will try it.

Do they have a Gadgeteer socket? :slight_smile:

Order a bunch for the kids to play with (and no doubt me as well) and for me to dissect the dead as they look very impressive and for that price incredibly impressive.

I assume this is the one being sold here

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Wow! I did not expect performance anywhere near that. I’m tempted to order a bunch more now…

@ Duke Nukem - Yep, that’s the one!

I assume the price is their sweatshop cost, just for this stock clearance. They had 40000 leftover when I posted the link. They are almost all gone already.

Cool. @ mtylerjr let me know if you are willing to sell one to me. I’m also in New Zealand, so shipping and payment should be easy to do.

The funny thing is… Shipping to nz is FREE from china… shipping from me to you within NZ would cost about $5 - more than the drone itself…

But I have noticed a reluctance on the part of Kiwis to buy things online. My wife was like that before I took her to the US to live, Not she buys everything online, Even our groceries.

I got notification last night that mine have shipped. My nephew, whose quad I stacked multiple times before one of the motor housings broke (again) will be chuffed I am sure - once they arrive from the usually slow postage at this time of year out of China. But here’s a community service announcement, get in now with ordering stuff so you don’t get hit by the Spring Festival week(s) in February !

If it sounds too good to be true…

I just got an email from Aliexpress saying that they could not complete my order because there was something suspicious about the seller and they are possibly involved in suspicious transactions.

I’ll have to wait a few days to know if they have success with the seller as they said they have frozen their account.

@ ianlee74 - AND…that would be one of the reasons I didn’t jump right on this one, though it was tempting.

I’m still pretty leery of dealing with Aliexpress in general. But kudos to them for locking the account…hopefully they will either determine the seller is legit and you’ll get your stuff, or you’ll get your money back.

Did you actually get your shipment from them?

ehh… I’m not too worried. I do have a shipping # via singapore post, which is what they use for items with lipo batteries - but I also had a message from the seller saying he had sold too many orders too quickly, and didn’t have enough money to ship them all, since he doesn’t get payments until we confirm receipt, and was asking for volunteers to "confirm receipt’ a little early, to help get over the hump (to be compensated with a ‘free gift’)

It does sound a little suspicious - like a scam - but it could also be a case of legitimately being swamped with orders and not being able to pay shipping. It would be a weird scam, since aliexpress doesn’t release money to the sellers until we confirm receipt. Aliexpress will refund the money if it turns out to be non-legit. Maybe I am naive, but I suspect he got dinged for his “Can you please help by confirming receipt of your product early + a free gift” messages, which probably violates some aliexpress seller’s rule.

In any case I’m sorry if I caused anyone any inconvenience with the link.

@ mtylerjr - I think you’re probably right. He’ll definitely consider the qty of stock he’s trying to liquidate next time he lists. :smiley: