TinyCLR on cerb40 II?

I am looking at GHI stuff for the first time in several months…

Trying to data-mine through the forum, and tinyCLR.com website - I cannot get a clear answer if TinyCLR isa supported on the Cerb40 II, either by GHI or someone in the forum.

Its an STM32F405, so it should be doable… no mentions of it that I can find anywhere.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



Cerb = all cerbs in the cerb family?

yup - all same same

Okay. Now looking for the schematic, or instructions on what pin to tie to ground to get this thing to load new firmware :confused:
Been away too long


Pin 16


Okay. Got that far. jumpered pin16 LDR to VCC and plugged in the USB.
Got ST device in DFU Mode in device manager.

Followed the instructions from here: USB Device Not Recognized - Cerberus, Cerb40

2) Erase the part and load TinyBoot
Run the DFU Tester.exe program from the programs(x86)/STMicroelectronics/software/DfuSe/BIN/STDFUTest.exe
- click Protocol tab at the top
- click Create from Map
- click Erase
- click Load DFU file
C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI OSH NetMF v4.2\FEZ Cerb Family\Firmware\TinyBooter_4_2_5_0.dfu
- click the "Download" radio button
- click GO.
Reboot the part. Should ping TinyBooter.

Now the device does nothing unless I power it up in bootloader mode.

Which tool do I use to load the cerb boatloader .dfu?

DfuSe Demo

Well, cant get it into stu dfu mode anymore. Or any mode at all. Seems like I killed it.

Spoke too soon. Loose jumper. I was able to load Cerb Bootloader v2.0.4.dfu

Now it comes up as GHI Bootloader Interface on com 3.

Now, which tool do I use to load Cerb Firmware v0.6.0.glb ? :slight_smile:

Nah, you would have to be really talented to kill one - i am yet to do it and i’m a Jaffa :joy:

I used tinyclr config… seems to be working…

Comes up as a “g80” in device manager!

Probably cause it’s using the same VID and PID - delete hidden drivers in DM if your ADHD is getting the better of you :smiley:

And… there we go. Uninstalled drivers, came back up as “Cerb”

Short and sweet :smiley:

Just like Jaffa’s :grin:

Updating vs2017 was a breeze, installing the nuget packages was a breeze, building and deploying the tinyclr uart sample was a breeze… awesome. Thanks Justin

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Golden - all in the name for North / South relations :slight_smile:

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I am having a bit of an issue when trying to access help for the tinyclr classes - does help/documentation actually exist?

Just Simply trying to convert a byte value into an ascii character was a chore I just abandoned after 45 minutes of struggling with BitConverter

using System.Text

That’s what I was trying to use.


Doesn’t matter anyway - I spectacularly blew up my fona sim808. I’ll have to wait until I can save up enough for another one, lol. Oh well, I had tinyclr fun for a day. No wonder my colleagues in Italy nicknamed me “atilla” (for destroying everything)