TinyCLR on cerb40 II?

Okay - playing with some other GHI hardware since I blew up the fona I was going to use with the cerb40 II

Now I am playing with a Fez Reaper. G80 based - is there no bootloader update for G80?

Can I get tinyclr on the reaper?

Hm… G80 is a special case, and I use the TinyClr Config tool? I -seem- to have updated the firmware to tiny clr 0.6.0

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Correct, G30 and G80 use their existing bootloaders unmodified with TinyCLR. Just load the NETMF or TinyCLR firmware you desire. TinyCLR Config is used for TinyCLR and FEZ Config for NETMF.

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Cool. :slight_smile:

I blew up some of the bits of one project I wanted to use tinyCLR with (G80TH, Adafruit Fona, a GHI F20 module, and some rockets) but I found I still had a Fez Reaper, so I’ve decided to just resurrect my rover, and use TinyCLR with the reaper, and several of my remaining gadgeteer modules, and servos, motors, robotic arm, etc. Hopefully less likely to be blown up.

I am also really happy finding Gravicode’s repository on Github - https://github.com/Gravicode/GadgeteerToTinyCLR

So many GHI modules supported already. I was surprised how FAST and EASY it was to actually get a TinyCLR project up and running on the Reaper + some modules, using vs 2017, the GHI TinyCLR libraries, and Gravicode’s module drivers. (I just had to replace the tinyClr 0.4.0 references with 0.6.0)


Could you please share bootloader and firmware for f405? Downloads link is broken.

You will need to build the 1.0 firmware yourself.