TinyClr Clone

what is gralin.pl?

is it a copy of the tinyclr forum? a fake one that store our login and password?

@ leforban - Why don’t you ask him http://www.tinyclr.com/user/2011 :wink:

you’re right this could be simpler :slight_smile:

oh my…


Why does http://www.gralin.pl/ relay to http://www.tinyclr.com? :slight_smile:

Still do not know…

Gralin’s been a member for awhile. I’m guessing it’s either an old site that he didn’t want to maintain anymore so he redirected it here; or its a new site he’s still working on.

That reminds me. I havent seen Gralin around for a while?

Last online: Dec 9 2012 at 3:21am EST

@ leforban haha how did you find this out? My domain was not used so i just redirected it here :wink:

Sory guys i don’t hang out here as i used to but I’m in a middle of a very involving project at work and you now how it is when you are not good with multi tasking :confused: At least i had some spare time during holiday to make a christmas tree with USBizi and LED stripes controlled over company website, but didn’t feel like bragging about it here since I’m not too active :confused:

Please, do brag! :wink:

It was nothin really, but you know how it is, small things make you very happy when you make them yourself :slight_smile: My idea was to use net mf for company marketing. Our clients were given a link in company newsletter and they were encouraged to bring the christmas spirit to our office by changing the color of our christmas tree. Here is how it looked like except it had a color spiner that you were able to chose color from and live video stream.


Nice “bragging” :wink: table you have there! :smiley:

Glad you like it :wink: As you can see in the picture i used the LED stripes Gus gave away for a dollar or so, great deal in my opinion! However i had two reels and only one was ok, the other one looked as if someone soldered it from cut-offs - I had to chop it and resolder most of the componenst, still didn’t finish reanimating it :wink:

Oh, and the tree got 1400 change color requests in 2 weeks. No crash occured. It was based on a custom board - USBizi + WIZnet

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Yeah it was a great offer for LED strips.

How many were coming from your local network? :smiley:

Just kidding. :wink:

True I used to check if it works every day but I don’t recall clicking 1400 times nor did i write any script for that :wink:

@ Gralin - Nice install and its great to see you back :slight_smile: i was wondering where you had been